New Kits 2010/2011


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Puma needs to slow down a bit.. wrong direction. Best kits were during the Euro2008 era: simple, elegant and beautiful. Now they start doing the same sh*t as Adidas did after 2004 by messing with design way too much. Why have they placed their logo in the middle of Newcastle's kit? Too bored?

This is what they need to produce:

P.S. Africa's kits are very good though, make them for every continent and i'll be happy with that.

EDIT: Juventus needs to stop changing their away shirt every season. Had 2-3 good designs in the past seasons, present one is crap. Worse than Portugal's away.
Reebok had a good design for CSKA Moscow in the beginning of 2009 (, now they make terrible.


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Werder - not too bad. Sponsor ruins most of the shirt, and of course, a Slovenia's copy. Nike is the sponsor of Slovenia as well, what are they thinking???


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I swear these companies cycle through three phases: Retro, modern, and unique. This way fans who hate one style are excited about the following one.