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[Need help] Create Player in Fifa 21


Club Supporter
Hey everyone,

Im working on a project at the moment in which I create my own league in Fifa 21. The league is the "German Kreisliga" with my own football club in it. So there are no old ID's for players available. This means I have to create the players by myself.

Theres a limit of 30 created player If you create them ingame. Thats why I searched for a solution. But I haven't found one yet.

Maybe you guys know a way to create more than 30 players in Fifa?

Thanks for your help <3


Club Supporter
I too am looking for a solution on this. Does anyone know a fix?
You will need RDBM or Excel. But in this case, it is impossible for players to assign a miniface. It is best to identify the players who have finished their careers (removed from the game, but available in DB) and simply edit them.