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Natural Evolution Gameplay by Shorelooser


Youth Team
info0;3731037 said:
Are you an idiot by chance? How can modders do that? They can't add new animations to the game -.-

You're spamming same shit in Fidel's thread too. I'm shocked you didn't get infraction yet...

Are you a man or a donkey


Club Supporter
i also had the greatest game of all time with this patch!!!

i like to play with second division teams and its just simply so great!!!

I cant imagine that fifa 15 will be close to that experience!!


Club Supporter

i have the same problem ! it has worked well with all other mods, even with sharelooser's 1.3b, but with 1.4, it crashes ... anybody know the reason ?
thanks a lot


Club Supporter

anyone else have problems with 1.4?

Please regenrate again and check you fifa folder, is there another .ini existing?


Club Supporter
Man fifa 14 just got good and fifa 15 is right around the corner. Thanks for all your hard work man. I get atleast 2 fouls against me each game now. Just lovely. I was bristol by the way

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Club Supporter

Great result ;)...i also got that great experience, sid you use 1.4 without problems?


Did 1.3 still work for you ? Try it please