National Stadiums - List of stadiums to FINISH (need glares and banners)


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El Salvador - Estadio Cuscatlán
Stadium model converted by @The Wizard and @Fredhoer
Crowds made Fredhoer too (have away crowds too)
Glares by @Fredhoer
Need only banners

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Iran Azadi stadium with glares and a little night textures brightness adjustment. I'm not so happy with those glares, seems not bright enough. Tell me what you think.

Ivory Coast stadium with glares and brightness adjustment also:

Glares for Beijing National Stadium. It was hard to find the projectors on this stadium ;) They are almost never visible ingame.

Glares for Haiti S. Cator Stadium:

And finally a version of Cuscatlan stadium of Salvador with paler blue (BosnaZmajevi's version with writings on the seats).

As usual credits to The Wizard for the conversion, BosnaZmajevi for the crowd and of course the unknown model makers ;)

I will now make a little break on national teams stadiums and focus on the crowd of a mexican stadium that's giving me headache, then i will do the Guatemala National Stadium (crowds and glares).


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Any stadium makers wants to add banners to the South American stadiums? (all by @graysky )

Banner meshes are missing on Estadio Maracana (BRA), Estadio Nacional de Chile (CHI), Defensores del Chaco (PAR), Estadio Hernando Siles (BOL), Olimpico Atahualpa (ECU), Estadio Polideportivo Pueblo Nuevo (VEN)