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and of course fifa 16 is much superior to fifa 14 in everything and if you apply geforze experience filters it is truly impolishing nothing to envy fifa 20


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I have an interesting idea to revolutionize the height and zoom of broadcast camera, i noticed that the "st.mary stadium" has a more elastic parameters of camera, so i supposed to use all the stadiums with st.mary stadium base to have height and zoom we like. So my ways are 2: using cgfs16 and editing the stadium base (the current is waldstadion and another one) but i tried and the game crashed (i edited the "stadium" folder in FSW) so if you know if i made a mistake please tell me. Another way is to create a copy of st.mary stadium and edit the model of stadium, but i dont know how to export the model of stadium if not creating a copy of it and taking it from and how to import in cm16, so if anyone have this knowledge, please help me to make this extraordinary edit.


Youth Team
Guys,have you ever noticed how incorrectly the lighting system in fifa16 engine works ?

Its is just my feeling or when replays are comming during game or at halftime, the lighting is much more bright (sunny day) and colors looks more natural while when it turns back into player camera, its all darker ??

And is there a way to make the pitch brighter ?


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I think that the fifa 16 grass looks very good uses nvidia experience and you will see how it looks the graphics are overwhelming what this tool does


Youth Team
I think that the fifa 16 grass looks very good uses nvidia experience and you will see how it looks the graphics are overwhelming what this tool does
Do you have a good settings for that?
I put my own settings but sometimes I think is dark in others I think is bright. I didn't find a good balance.


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if my computer was more powerful it could have many more levels it would look much better consume a lot of graphics


Youth Team
Hello guys,
im really busy in those weeks (and it will be worse and worse) but im bringing you some news here :

Actualy Cosenza stadium is already released in Italy folder.
Also you will find updated version of Rajko Mitic stadion (Crvena Zvezda) in Seria folder.
Meanwhile im working on final version (the same quality as i did for Banik, Zvezda,Partizan,PAOK,OLY or Catania) of Poljud stadion,here you can see some in progress screenshots :

I know im not responding to PM correctly, i will try to do it tomorow. Please be patient guys !


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Release day !

Those stadiums are now publicly available !

  1. GRE - Toumba,PAOK
  2. ITA - Stadio Olimpico,Lazio version,EXTERIOR
  3. ITA - Stadio Olimpico,Lazio version
  4. ITA - San Siro,Inter Milan
  5. ITA - Stadio San Paolo-NapoliEXTERIOR
  6. POL - Stadion Wisly Krakow
  7. POL - Stadion Wojska Polskiego
  8. SCO - Ibrox stadium,Rangers

Enjoy,donate if you want and share my glory !
hey raven can you make a neutral version of the new san siro without any sponsor or tim adboard? (like an ea version)


Youth Team
Guys,anyone tried to make pitch more brighter ?? I tried to modify ambient texture in Blender but it does not work :/


Youth Team
just to let you know that im allive. Its just hard to find time for a new stadiums because of my work,summer time and break in football,thats not a good motivation.

But to let you know, those mostly my plans of new grounds/model improve/converts :

Ninian Park - historic ground which i love
Antwerp stadion
Arasen Stadion,
Old Dinamo Kiev ground,
Great model of Malmo
, Odense,
Regina Calcio,
Almaty central stadion
Improve Loko Moscow,Rostov,
Maccabi Haifa,
Maccabi Tel aviv,
GKS Belchatow
Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biala,
Slovakia grounds,
Dinamo Brest,
Benevento improve to seria A ,
Aalborg ground,
Gaz Metan Romania
, AEK new upcoming ground
, Chernomorets odesa new stadion,
Lamia new model ,
Hungary nationanal Arena,
Odra Wodzislaw,
Polonia Bytom,
Serbian grounds,
Stockholm arena,
ZTE Hungary .....

Stay safe, enjoy summer time and support me !