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my little creations (vicoto09)


Starting XI
spurs81;3668774 said:
Great job mate! :)

thank you sir =) i hope you use them on your website

and just in case someone needed them, i made this kits a while ago but i forgot to post them.. anyway here they are



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spurs81;3671653 said:
Always do. :) 29 days to World Cup, will Brazil be ready?

thanks brother and well i don't think so to be honest.. atleas they might need 4 months to make it as spected but i hope they can make it


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spurs81;3672120 said:
Its nice to see the World Cup back in South America, but I must admit I'm amazed Brazil got the WC and the Olympics two years later. That would take a strain on any nation financially (except for maybe USA).

Can't wait for it to start, England have no chance, but the Brazuca ball is far better than the Jabulani so we shouldn't see some of the weird events of the past WC.

See: http://www.soccerballworld.com/Brazuca_2014_Brazil.htm and;

yeah i agree with you, doesn't matter how good the league is to host the world cup, because on my say so is the best in america.. but the greatest sports events ever in 2 years is deffinetly to much for a country like that.. am not trying to offend anyone because the 80% of america is part of the third world since most of us used to be colonies some centyries ago, we all know that so yes... is too much money BUT will also leave a lot of money to the country not even to mention how happy the people will be in brazil...

btw take a look on the national team kits thread =)


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Third world or not, I think most countries would struggle to host both events these days. I only hope the money they make will go back to the people, as its they who have made Brazil the biggest exporter of players over the years... maybe with Argentina.

For me its looking forward to watching a World Cup in a soccer mad country.


Senior Squad
Tanto tiempo que no entraba al foro, y la verdad que seguis haciendo genialidades amigo, te felicito jaja :D


Starting XI
thank you everybody, i appreciate a lot the support you guys gave me... am still waiting for you on facebook =).. am posting new kits there already..... GRACIAS!! =)


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hello everyone just wanted to say that i will stop editing fifa07 and will move to fifa08 (still old as shit lol) but it looks better than the 07 on my pc and i don't know why jaja, so for all the new kitmakers and all the people that would like to start with 07 kits here is a little help i just hope you understand how to make kits from my templates, because they are "unique" jaja they are not psd just bmp templates, since i used to create kits like using paint i though it was an easier way and since i started to make them by myself that is how i learned, i never saw any tutorial to make a kit so i developed (i hope is the right word) my own way..... Enjoy and viva guate!! =)

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vmqn8mw8eamzlj6/ALL_MY_TEMPLATES_(VICOTO)__JUNE_20_2014.rar"]http://www.mediafire.com/download/vmqn8mw8eamzlj6/ALL_MY_TEMPLATES_(VICOTO)__JUNE_20_2014.rar[/URL]​