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I need a little bit of input and opinions here. I give you the ESP EC-1000:

It is available here:

Here is some information:
EC-1000 STG

* Set-Neck
* 24.75” Scale
* Mahogany Body
* Quilted Maple Top
* Mahogany Neck
* Rosewood Fingerboard
* 42mm Earvana Compensated Nut
* Thin U Neck Contour
* 24 XJ Frets
* Black Nickel Hardware
* ESP Locking Tuners
* Tonepros Locking Bridge & Tail
* EMG 81 (B) / 60 (N) Active p.u.
* Finish: STG

This is also available in a few other colours, including these that I'd think about:



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Yellow Card
They all look "cool", but I'd take the White. Green looks great, but a bit loud(if you can handle it, then go green).

EDIT: I'm not "Guitar Playing" though..................


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I'd get the green, it's by far the best looking one and is pretty unique looking. Go for the green!


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ESP's are classy guitars, doesn't matter which one you get. I'd probably go for the more exotic ones myself - if you're going to spend lots on a guitar you may as well get a great one.

And I'd also buy it from a guitar shop rather than eBay so you can try it out before you buy it, then if the action needs sorting for you it can be done in store.


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Real guitars are for pussies. Guitar hero is where it's at.

"Real guitars are for old people"
- Carman

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Definitely the green.