My fonts for numbers for FIFA 08


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Hey Fiordy, as you know, a lot of new National Team kits have been unveiled these weeks. With them, some new fonts have been unveiled too, for example Adidas.

I was wondering, could you please make them?

Here are some pics to help you out mate!

I gave you pics for every digit except 6 and 9, since I couldn’t really find any pic of them. But you could make soime ‘fantasy’ digits which would fit in well…

So what do you say mate? :)


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Superb Thanx!!

I've found a little problem. I tried to import the font two times but the problem repeats.:

it's only at the blue one.


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Fiordy just a small help, doesn´t look to you like the actual Torino fonts. I´m trying to find the right ones for Levante.

[URL=] [/URL]



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No mate, unfortunately I don't possess any copy of that font on my pc! Maybe try writing an email to Adriano asking for that font. Good luck!



More ingame Marco (Y)



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Yeah mate, please make the new Adidas font. I posted pics a page back.

If you need more pics I have a link for the FULL font but it's made for PES.

I gave that link to Davidmende and he converted them...but it would be nice if you could make a Super Pack of them...


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I'm already working on Adidas 2008 font, I'll release a complete superpack with all colours, cause I think the font will be used by many Adidas teams.