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Discussion in 'Older Football Manager Titles Forum' started by Mandieta6, Nov 22, 2006.

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    Alright, so I just agreed two deals with Real Madrid, first one has them pay 50m for one of my players up front, when he's transfered in Jan, the second has them pay 0 down, and 30m over 12 months for another player. Now, I know Madrid have a lot of cash, but the only team I've ever seen being able to afford 80m is Chelsea. What happens if they don't have the cash to make a monthly installment?

    Oh, and another thing, in my experience, loaning out reserves hasn't paid off. I have a heavy training regime, which increases their stats well, however, they don't get any first team football, because they're not good enough. Should I loan them out so they'd get some exp? Will it decrease their stats?

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