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Mods doesn´t work with FIFA in Steam


Club Supporter
Hi everyone. I´m trying to launch mods with fifa mod manager on my game. The problem is that in EaApp doesn´t allow to me to put dataPath -FIFAModData because properties option doesn´t appear cause I bought the game on steam. I tried to put this line on Steam or redownload Origin but nothing works, the game launches without mods or not launch. I know that this problem is common with other people with steam, only one person that i know could launch the game with mods but the game crashes when he starts a match (with people using the same mods on EaApp/Origin version this problem doesn´t appear, so it isn´t a problem of the mod). Please, anyone can help me?


Youth Team
You should try to delete the folder of the mod manager and re import your mods, if this still doesnt work use live editor to bypass ea anti cheat engine