Modding combinations and compatibility


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Hi all,

I'm definitely new to fifa modding, so I had a more general and I believe simple question.
I only have experience with installing those Icon and Legends squad files to add to my career mode on previous fifa editions.
For fifa 22 I'm looking to download Fifers realism mod. So the question is, will I still be able to download and use the icon and legends modpack in combination with the Fifers realism mod? Or do you simply overwrite one squad file with another, thus rendering 1 of the 2 mods unused?

Additionally, are those seperate downloadable facepack mods also compatible to add on( with each other, and/or with Fifers realism mod)?

Thanks in advance!


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Regarding squad files you can't use both, just one, because they are not compatible.
Most Mods are not compatible if they are changing squad files or db files.

If you know to use RDBM you can make them compatible by adding new players (icons & legends) into the Mod squad file, but you must make sure to asign them to available ID's.