Merry Christmas everyone



Merry Xmas, too.
Finger's crossed for that PS2 and PES, but I have my doubts!!!

Mr C

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Re: Merry Christmas everyone

Originally posted by chau
and a great New Year too.


You get there fist cause your an aussie though :D i just been wishing my uncle in perth a merry chrimbo, and i wish all you fellow PES freaks a merry one too!!

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Merry Christmas, what better way to spend it than playing the game that Christ himself would have enjoyed, PES :)


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Merry Christmasn everyone and Chau Le

Hi all,

Merry Christmas.

Chau le, finally I saw your post on the forum. Please I beg you to put some words on FEd2002? I hear it from somebody else.


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merry mofu**en christmas to you all!! il be home all day with good food and iss pe 2 ahh i love these holidays too bad i wont get pes :(