Mega Facepack Project


Senior Squad
I have a plan for everyone who around the world. Im gonna create website for upload face works to players profile. Im gonna add every players from FIFA16 to web site and facemakers gonna upload their works to player page and they can check which player doesnt has face, other facemakers gonna make it too. So, we can make almost every players with together. Its gonna be amazing facepack :) Which facemakers support this idea ?


Super Moderator
Is it really necessary? I mean, you can check on wether any player has a specific face or not, and for the list of custom faces, we could just do a search here. Would you really want to spend your money on such a website? You could just make a sticky thread either with a list of faces that have been made, or a list of players that haven't. But then again, there's the request thread for that.
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