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MarianTIM's Faces


Youth Team
Great Martins Indi, Alcacer and Batshuayi. You should continue working on those unmade faces :) Try working more on the head models ;)


Club Supporter
Please if you can to make some face like:
-William Carvalho
-Andrej Kramaric
-Kramer Christoph
-Kevin Volland
Thank you...xd


Senior Squad



Youth Team
mariantim;3771838 said:
It's hard with head models... :)

Hahahah, of course it's hard with head models, but that is what makes difference between good and bad facemakers ;) And you are good, promising facemaker, and you could be even better if you try a little bit harder! :) don't be lasy :D


Club Supporter
very good facepacks facepacks se il vous plaît
- Jacques Al Romao
- Giannelli Imbula
- Benjenmin Mendy
- Mario Lemina
- Stéphane Sparagna
- Baptiste Aloe
de l'olympique de Marseille please


Club Supporter
Really thank you,and if you can to make Kramer and young Croatian pIayer Andrej Kramaric,and really your faces are the best..x


Senior Squad
Sorry, I have a lot of face requests and i don t have enough time to make it all.... but I'll try to make some of them....