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MarianTIM's Faces


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Andre Onana

Tálisson Fernandes

Club Supporter
All faces are available in my patches from 2017-2020. You can take it from there.

Na verdade, o meu FIFA é o 09. Uso suas faces no meu FIFA09. Por isso nao tenho como baixar o patch e pedi um facepack man :(
Só queria um pacote de jogadores do tipo Sócrates, Rivaldo :(
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Senior Squad
I still can't believe you're asking people to pay you for this trash :D
It's normal, the ,,Haters'' would never believe anything....! :D and by the way, your research about Old-gen EA model file format sucks.....
That can't help anyone, I say that because I'm one of the people who can use that ,,.o''File format (create, edit, and convert o.file). and I use completely different methods to create what I want in terms of 3d modeling.
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