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Malaysia League Patch for FIFA11


Youth Team
skeptik;2975342 said:
angelvsevil, bila nak hantar set latest kit kat aku untuk musim 2011? Database tengah buat perlahan-lahan. Ada data-data kat wikipedia Shifty FAM yg meragukan. Contoh isu Indera Putera masih boleh main di T-Team atau tidak masih belum diketahui.

Eng : Angelvsevil, when can you send me the latest kits for the season 2011 patch? Database progress quite slow due to un-updated data at wikipedia and FAM website. For example, Indera Putra, is he eligible to play with T-Team or not, still not known to public.

about the status of Indera Putra you can refer this:


Reserve Team
sahara;2976507 said:
Hi Skeptik,
Can u help me a bit,
Can u copy ur 'teamplayerlinks' in my db?
I got problem because i use 'total accurate patch',
so, when i import the table, my modified 'teamplayerlinks' lost...
How? Hope can help,
Heres my db :-

And why is that you can't do it by yourself? I'm a bit worried about this. What is the real problem with DBM11 in your PC?


Youth Team
btw,, do you want the team logos as i mentioned earlier... I got all of the teams logo from liga super to liga perdana in high res.. if you want there is also a glass effect version that ive made.


Club Supporter


Reserve Team
glabro76;2991358 said:
hello good patch, by any chance you'd want to also create the japan league?

If you're talking about Skeptik/Mslpatcher the creator of MSLPL4FIFA series, then I can answer the question. No I don't have any plan to do other league besides Malaysia League.

But I'm not sure my co-collaborator, Mr. angelvsevil, not sure about his personal project.