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LTH's FIFA 13 Faces


Senior Squad
The download archive thread was closed so I create my own thread to share my works.

I only update textures, models and fit the hair from existing works in this forum. All the materials are based on the original facemakers.

Brazilian Facepack Final + Bonus

-Filipe Luís(Credit: Simo4u)
-Ganso(Credit: Shifty*nim)
-Lucas(Credit: SieL23 and Vadios)
-Luiz Gustavo(Credit: Shifty*nim)
-Paulinho(Credit: Shifty*nim & AmaroWaade)
-Sandro(Credit: Wichanwoo)
-Morata(Credit: Ohohohyaya)

Second facepack

-Bocchetti Salvatore(Credit: Hitman)
-Cabella Rémy(Credit: Shifty*nim)
-Fontàs(Credit: Aeh1991)
-Forster Fraser(Credit: Alex94)


-Fred(Credit: AmaroWaade)

Sessègnon Stéphane

-Sessègnon Stéphane(Credit: Alex93)

Chelsea Facepack

-De Bruyne Kevin(Credit: FV.Bart)
-Lukaku Romelu(Credit: FV.Bart)
-Moses Victor(Credit: Vadios)
-van Ginkel Marco(Credit: FV.Bart)

Juventus Facepack

-Bonucci Leonardo(Credit: Shifty*nim & aNuke)
-Cáceres Martín(This is my first face that I create but not update.:p)
-Matri Alessandro(Credit: SieL23 & Andutzu'89)

Hair Texture Update




Hair Update All-in-one


*Please put the assignment codes into FIFA 13\Game\data\fifarna\lua\assets\player.lua to obtain correct haircolors and details.
assignPlayerFace(164169) -- Filipe Luis
assignPlayerFace(187688) -- Ganso
assignPlayerFace(200949) -- Lucas
assignPlayerFace(185221) -- Luiz Gustavo
assignPlayerFace(187961) -- Paulinho
assignPlayerFace(190782) -- Sandro
assignPlayerFace(201153) -- Morata
assignPlayerFace(168326) -- Bocchetti Salvatore
assignPlayerFace(193476) -- Cabella Remy
assignPlayerFace(192476) -- Fontas
assignPlayerFace(172203) -- Forster Fraser
assignPlayerFace(160774) -- Fred
assignPlayerFace(163699) -- Sessegnon Stephane
assignPlayerFace(192985) -- De Bruyne
assignPlayerFace(192505) -- Lukaku Romelu
assignPlayerFace(172962) -- Moses Victor
assignPlayerFace(199767) -- van Ginkel Marco
assignPlayerFace(184344) -- Bonucci Leonardo
assignPlayerFace(182495) -- Caceres Martin
assignPlayerFace(177528) -- Matri Alessandro
assignPlayerFace(197781) -- Isco


Staff member
really cool Filipe, and I reopened the faces archive thread, I don't know why it got closed

Mad Man

Starting XI
sepak;3516148 said:
really cool Filipe, and I reopened the faces archive thread, I don't know why it got closed

I is good idea to lock that thread if someone manage it. If this happen no extra additional comments won't be appear.