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-+ Los Fashionistas +-

Posers of the world unite! Post your gear, gear you got, gear you want... :mexican:

my recent purchases:

Godfather t-shirt

white Lacoste polo

black flip-flops :rolleyes:
I'm like Jay-Z:

"Nigga one life to live, I can't let a day go
by without me bein fly or fresh to death
Head to toe 'til the day I rest
And I don't wear jerseys, I'm thirty plus
Give me a crisp pair of jeans, nigga button up"


Senior Squad
Nice!I was watching wimbledon (dont ask!) and they were playing in fkin lacoste shirts and caps!Since wen do you play a sport in like a 90 dollar polo shirt? :nape:
well, you can get them cheaper than 90 bucks on Ebay, around $40 is average. You have to be careful though on Ebay because there's a lot of fake one's for sale on there. The knock-offs are easy to spot though if you know what to look for. The real one's are always made in Peru and only have two buttons on the collar.


Senior Squad
yeah i got lacoste polo and black one, i think its fake but it looks and feels real, so no complaints here.

how do you guys post images without making them an attachments, like links at the bottom of your post, how can you post them straight on??


Fan Favourite
Well, i dont use nothing too fancy. Mostly white or black T-Shirts (occasional Band T-Shirts when i go to some gigs or when i'm going to play some guitar with my mates), jeans (black or light blue) and All-Star tennis (i like Grunge, what did you expect?(6) ).


Senior Squad
Voltaic Borusse said:
I want a pair of these:

But for every day casual footwear, I stick with old-school Converse's. You can't go wrong with them.

haha, I can so relate. :(

Converse are shiit in wet weather though. I mean, you're literally wearing just a piece of cloth. :fool: