Let's Make a Minikit.


Youth Team
OK, I don't really fancy being the only Minikit maker here. So...

The tools that you'll really need are circled in this picture.

Using the pen tool, and making sure that it is selected like this:-

Trace around the outline of the Minikit Texture of choice (There are many in the Kit and Minikit Texture Thread Here!)

Part Two Will Come Tomorrow, I gotta go to bed


Youth Team
Now, you can check how it looks by setting the layer blend as "Multiply" and check that it fits alright

Make sure that you have all your logos and sponser images available, and then open them. drag them to your minikit design.

Scale the logo or sponser down by pressing Ctrl+T. It then comes up with points. hold SHIFT and click on any of the points on the corner. Do not let go of the SHIFT key before letting go of the mouse.

For collars, you can either draw your own, or in the resources thread there is a .PSD document of minikit collars.

That's all I got really, any questions, let me know!!


Starting XI
Ok. I will show you guys an example of making a minkit.
and maybe I will make a time to post here too.