Last Year`s Problem


Youth Team
In the cc2004 when you were in career mode and tried acquiring player that you had already transfered to another team using the CC, the player`s face(if he had one) would dissappear, his price would go up/down to 2.5 million and the transfer wouldnt come through. You could do it as many times as youd like and the result was the same.
The reason i mention this is cause i got my Fifa 2005 3 weeks ago and never started the career mode so i dont know if last year`s bug was fixed. I hope it was


Youth Team
i know this one thing: the value of your players drops to 3/4 of the actual value for example:
Baseggio is worth 24000 or something like that. He will be worth 18000 if you play with the team he is in. Another realistic feature by EA :rockman: :rockman: :rockman: HAIL EA!!!!