KrisDzung276's Faces (WWTFM)


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great work, though, I agree with Kris, the heads seems to be a little bit small comparing to the body on Santi Mina. Any chance in the future to try something with Andre Andre from FC Porto? thanks.


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KrisDzung276;3941068 said:
I have finished Jason Denayer and Jordan Lukaku's update

New face

Santi Mina ( Valencia)

I think the head size is accurate :D



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Great faces man! I would like to thank all the face makers, but because I hate threads' overflooding, I will do it through this single post!

THANK YOU ALL GUYZ! We really appreciate your dedication to free time wasting to please us :p !!!

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That looks great but may be you could add hair to the texture to balance the sides. Without the side burns looks a bit empty. But that is to me and hope you don't mind my opinion. :)