krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM)


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deko23;3894731 said:
You deserve all the best words for your passion,your dedication and loyalty to this forum...and,believe me,your improvement is unbelievable...In my opinion,now you are a 5 stars facemaker! :-) Thank you so f****g much for your works...My fifa is really better with your creations...We need your help! :-)



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great news
Very few authors Preview release, he disappeared for a long time, did not release download.
For example Mr.S, from fifa 14 15 to the current 16, need wait for a long time
I think I should not say so, but if you're really busy, then it do not release a preview in this forum.
Perhaps for fifa16 patch, this year is a cold season.
Only you struggling to support
Thanks again, mate