kotiara6863's Stadiums

kotiara6863;3953341 said:
blloDao! I don't know how to convert stadiums from PES to FIFA, with this issue you need to contact Wizard, he may be able to transform, and I already have them modified.
I couldn't understand what you said, I'm sorry, I'm Brazilian.
You already have this stadium? If yes, you can share with us?
kotiara6863;3953732 said:
Cway1986! Yes, I can make the stadium of FC LYON, but I'm afraid that I can't deal with the crowd to him, though I know how to do crowd, then for me it will be difficult.
do what you can on stadiums that it's not difficult for you to build the crowd bro, Juxirt will be back soon and he will take care of the remaining stadiums. thanks a lot for all your work Konstant!!
Great, thank you for the Update, the Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena-Duisburg and

the Wildpark Stadium Karlsruhe have no Banner for the Home and Away

Team. Can you Update the Stadiums?