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Kits Forum Rules

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The Super-Swede
1. ONE THREAD per kitmaker, unless a different kit format (e.g. 2GK exists) is used.

2. Plagiarism (copying of other people's work, using other's people work without their explicit permission) IS NOT ALLOWED.

3. Please do not post too many screenshots of the same kit, it makesit difficult for the users to browse through the threads.

4. DO NOT request a kit to be made, before you have used the SEARCH function. And if one already exists, you should (in most cases) not request for another one.
If the kit hasnt been made yet, the post a request in the Kits Request Thread:http://www.soccergaming.tv/showthread.php?t=135957

5. Respect the kitmakers work, they don't have to do whatever you request.

If everybody follow these rules, or guidelines, then the kits forums would be a nice place for both kitmakers and kit users.

Thank you.
Not open for further replies.