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Kitmaking question thread (questions about how to improve your kitmaking)


Senior Squad
sorry to all moderators, but i don`t know if this question can be post here.
I need to know what it`s the Enkopings SK (Swedish superttan league) jersey sponsor.
somebody can tell me please


Club Supporter
I want to know how to do a texture. I saw Kitmakers posting new textures and I want to Know how they makes the texturs, are thay starts from 0% or make it with pics of shirts ?
tanks in advance , and sorry about my bad english.


Can someone tell me the numbers for the collars, which number means what collar to be more precise?
0= round
1= etc..

Cheers (Y)


Youth Team
I have a big problem. I dont know, what's the Liverpool home kit's ID, and i dont know, that this big file is in which zdata?Or is there any program, what put the kits into the fifa08?(kitraptor 07 crashed my fifa08) If somebody can help me please write it!


Club Supporter
cand anyone tell me what the adidas design is on hamburg home, newcastle home ,and milan home ? ... is it aquilla ?

thanks !


Club Supporter

Hi guys!

how do you do with the texture layers. How do you organise them? Do you have one, two or even three layers? Do you have Multiply to all of them?


Youth Team
Mikkie_ua;2399899 said:
Can semeone make some screens of my kit for me ? I have troubles with importing them, so I have made this kit without testing it in game. I know, that it needs some corrections, but cannot make them now. Thanks.

Wait a moment I'll make a ss for you,your Kit is very nice~

Waiting for your away kit and goalie one :clapwap:

add the screen shot which Mikkie_ua need you can watch them in this thread


Club Supporter
Sorry guys if I seem a little stupid here, but I'm a complete beginner and know nothing about making kits. To start off what programs should I use, are there any free ones available? How do I get these kits into the game? If anyone could help, I'd be very thankful.