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Kitmakers Resource Thread

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The Super-Swede
In this thread you will find good sites for sponsor logos, badges, pics of kits and some kitmaking tutorials etc. if you know a good site or something which isn't here, just send me a PM and i ad it ;) if there's anything you need for your kitmaking, request it in the request thread.

Sponsor logos/ Badges:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Football_logos - alot of badges!
http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/ - a good site with many badges and logos
http://www.logotypes.ru/default_e.asp - sponsor logos
http://www.logotypes.lv/ - sponsor logos
http://www.hqfl.dk/ - the best site for soccer badges
www.liblib.cn - another good site for logos

http://nordiclogo.mine.nu/logotyper/logo.asp - sponsor logos from nordic countries
http://kassiesa.com/uefaclubs/ - soccer badges
http://www.soccerlogos.com.br/ - soccer badges( must register first though)
http://www.logoserver.com/Soccer.html - soccer badges
http://www.logoshak.com/ - soccer badges

Kit pictures:

gettyimages - the best site for match pics
http://www.mediafaxfoto.ro/ - another site with photos from games...
subsidesports - pics of shirts, shorts and socks etc.
uksoccershop - pics of shirts, shorts and socks etc.
soccer.com - pics of shirts, shorts and socks etc.
kitbag - pics of shirts, shorts and socks etc.
Ebay - if you're lucky, you can find some big pics of your kit
kitclassics - many pics/drawings of old kits for many teams
jonascarlson.se - swedish sports photografer, many pics of swedish teams.
danielstenholm.se - another swedish photografer, click at "NYHETER" for links to the pics
danish soccer pics - a danish site with soccer pics
Soccer Uniforms - a site with pictures of many designs (last seasons specially)
Just Keepers - a store with only keepers uniforms, many brands and many designs

Kitmaking tutorials (made by curswine)

How to draw good seems and lines on a kit PART 1
How to draw good seems and lines on a kit PART 2
How to make black show on a kit/how to make kits more shiny
How to make a simple mesh
How to make a collar
How to change the collar geometry

Minikit Collars
Link - By Demoniox1000

Puma watermarks(made by sundsvall)

czech republic
saudi arabia


Kit importers

Kitraptor 07


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