Kit Request Thread


dont be selfish or unreasonable when requesting as it will only get you nothing in the end.

dont post requests in kit makers threads, post your requests here using this guideline.

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Preferred Kit Maker(s) - moaalves!
Kit(s) - Empoli / Italian Serie B (Home-Away-Third-Gk)



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Hi all. I obviously understand that the game has only recently been released, and attention will be paid for the near future to higher quality kits for the big clubs, but if anyone with the talent to pull off a classic kit has the time to it would be amazing for all toon fans if we could get a recreation of the classic Newcastle Brown Ale kit (1995-97).
This site has some zoomable photos of front, back and details - cant link the individual pictures im afraid: HERE

Thanks to anyone who considers helping on this, and many thanks to all of you who work to create these great communities and breathe new life into these games.


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hello, can someone pls create the right shirt for Club Brugge away (belgian league)

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Kit(s) - Away

In stead of green it should be yellow

thx in advance


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Hi this is the request thread, so I request to some body no a kit, but the common kit textures of FIFA13, specialy those fot tech fit. Thanks


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Preferred Kit Maker(s) - Al Pacino and his brother, or whoever that wants to do it.
Kit(s) - Milan 2004/05