Kit Patterns/Logos


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Sundsvall;3544094 said:
Nike DRI-FIT collar logo
awesome work Sundsvall!


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Hi to all,
I don't know if I can make more than one reqeust in one post, but I know I can't make doble posts..

Can someone create a AC Milan pattern like the logos in this page? I mean with the same characteristics.. (for example the Manchester United one)

Is here someone how can post a Adidas 2014/2015 template in psd format? I want to create a AC Milan fantasy kit but I can't create a psd template by my self..I prefer in 2048x2048 or 3072x3072 resolution if it's possible..

Can someone post a Adidas pattern or a link where I can find it with the same characteristics of the logos of the same previously page?

Thank you to all! :mike: