Kit Number/Name font on created club career mode


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Is possible to change the font of number and name for created club? Ive tried in different forms changing the database, but doesnt work


Club Supporter
  1. Install RDBM 2 in your PC.
  2. Run RDMD 2
  3. Open your Career Save File in RDBM.
  4. Go to DB2
  5. Click on teamkit.
  6. Export the File to you PC
  7. Open the team kit file you have on your PC using Teamkits Editor.
  8. Look for your create a club team ( create a club ID is 115486 - I think something like that - you can just look thru the drop down menu)
  9. Make changes you want.
  10. Save file
  11. Go to RDBM and import the teamkit table you made the changes to. to the same table.
  12. Click save in RDBM.
  13. This should directly same to your save carrer mode file.
  14. Open the game, via the save file and check your kits.
Note: make sure you are using the correct save file. and also backup your original save file.