Kit Master 07, Sound Master 07


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Two things:
I've tried to install the kit master 07 but is asking me for the NET Framework so the installing file can be opened.

I've installed net frameworkd 2.0 but the problem still there...

Another question, when will the sound master be launched?


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im wait to sound master/importer like you
i hope that rinaldo or someone else will create the program

(and sorry for my bad english)


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You might need these too :ewan:



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I really want the sound master too, especially with commentary-edit! want too make new commentaries: Swedish and Norwegian together! :ewan:


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no, nothing about it, when it is released, we will all know and so will you
check the sticky thread about utilities once in a while

thelordspawn said:
are they any kits made yet for FIFA 07 (retail)?