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Kit forum FAQ, Rules and Questions (ask your questions about the forum here)


The Super-Swede
.: Rules for the kit forum - please read :.

1. ONE THREAD per kitmaker, unless you've reached 100 pages. Do not post 1 thread per kit/team ;)

2. Plagiarism (copying of other people's work, using other's people work without their explicit permission) IS NOT ALLOWED.

3. Please do not post too many screenshots of the same kit, it makes it difficult for the users to browse through the threads.
And only post screenshots if it has been allowed by the kitmaker not randomly. Normally the kitmaker gets in contact with someone who makes Screenshots like me (Silencer). Not more than 8 SS per kit and mind the resolution (not bigger than 800x600)

4. DO NOT request a kit to be made, before you have used the SEARCH function. And if one already exists, you should (in most cases) not request for another one.
If the kit hasnt been made yet, the post a request in the Kits Request Thread:http://www.soccergaming.tv/showthread.php?t=135957

5. Respect the kitmakers work, they don't have to do whatever you request.

6. Kitmakers, please post one of these options at the first page in your kit thread:

a) my graphics can freely be used in patches as long as im credited
b) people should contact me before using my graphics
c) my graphics may not be used in other patches

If everybody follow these rules, or guidelines, then the kits forums would be a nice place for both kitmakers and kit users.

Thank you.


Reserve Team
Hello - How can I find swedish kits in the kits forum if the club kit thread doesnt have the swedish league and the search forum link is soo rubbish that I dont get any results. Am I expected to search every thread for kits?


Club Supporter
This question is about importing kits. How do I import a kit of a created club? Is it possible to do it through kit working 08?


Club Supporter
Wii updates

Does anyone know if you can update kits on the wii version, like you can with other versions? If so, how?


Club Supporter
1.Ex. West ham utd has a home , away,and gk kit .
But can i add a third kit? (i'm using kitraptor 1,5)

2. what does fabhbuilder do?


The Super-Swede
AlJesus;2543180 said:
Hi, there is some tool to convert fifa 07 kits to fifa 08 kits??? thanks in advance

no, i guess it would be way to difficult to do that since the template has changed so much. sorry ;)


Club Supporter
hi.. im new here and i have a question... how i do to import a kit? i use the kit raptor but when the game start to load for a game it have a problem and doesn´t work anymore.. what should i do to solve this? thank you... sorry for my english..


Club Supporter
so how do i import them? example i downloaded a kit for fc barcelona that will change the one in the game, how will i do it?