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Kit and minikit textures


The Super-Swede
yeah sure, i got some already at my computer, i'll post some later today i guess...i can post some diffrent shorts textures too..

KAKA 500

how can I know wat'z the pixels (measurements) for the sleeves, shorts, & socks. :nape:


Team Captain
Alex....you think of everything mate. Very proffessional indeed.

(It never hurts to suck up to the Mod I figure.....even if I am his DAD.... :rofl: )

OK heres mine. The parts are taken from various textures, I haven't seen it ingame yet of course but it worked fine for Fifa 2005 kits.



The Super-Swede
pede54 said:
(It never hurts to suck up to the Mod I figure.....even if I am his DAD.... :rofl: )

:funny: (H) you guys know that pede is pretty old, and starting to get senile...hehe...i remember when pede actually asked me same question 5 times, hehe....oh, and one year he actually made kits for fifa 2005 3 years in a row :funny: :funny:


Team Captain
:rofl: You are going the right way to getting a spanked botty young man. Mod or not......Although it is true that at my age, I'm very forgetfull and very hard of hearing. I also get this long beard of mine tangled up in my mouse sometimes, so if my lines look a bit sqiggly now and again, then you know why. :funny:

EDIT:- Damn I just realised something. I spent all day yesterday converting my kit texture for fifa 2007. If i had waited until today I could have converted it with Rinaldo's kit converter in 5 minutes instead of five hours :boohoo:


Club Supporter
Two minikits:

This is converted from HUZ's template
http://users.atw.hu/pintyfifa/egyeb/minikit_pinty(from HUZ's template).jpg