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Welcome to Keegan's Next-Gen Boots.

I do not accepts requests made in my thread, but I will, from time to time, make requests posted in the requests thread.

NB: For best results, use the model edited by RD86. It can be found here.


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keegan this boots are from fifa 09 demo ronaldinho10 boots :D

and another boots



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Great template but you will have to work harder to make them.

Same goes for faces ....a weird template plus another template for the eyes :nape:
The kitmakers will have a easy job :p


Boot Revolution 2.0! Interesting... I'm at 99% downloading, since my d/l crashed at 35% (dammit!) but I'll see what happens next... all us bootmakers are back at square one!

Thanks for the pics, though... (Y)


Probably the best thing about the new template is the lack of mirrored bits... that messed up the heel on a lot of models. There are a lot of new boots and at 256*256 the quality would be better than previously seen. Sounds like a good time to hang up my boots and watch the young turks of bootmaking take over, right? (Particularly since my crappy Radeon 9250 can't manage Fifa 09)


Haha... I wouldn't complain, but I'll just stick to 08 for the time being, I guess...

Did anyone here play Fifa 2004? This is just Boot Revolution... I worked on it with IAMJAMES and Jimbob... minor tweaks... just started on it and it all came back to me! :D

First effort for Fifa 09,
Nike Mercurial Vapor SL FG - Pine Green-Metallic Silver-Red

See screenshots below. O-edit, of course.