John Obi Mikel : The true Story- told by Agent, ****tu


Youth Team
BY Juliana Taiwo
Abuja, Nigeria

John Sh1TTu:

I have known Mikel Obi for about three and half years. A colleague of mine Dosu Joseph introduced him to me with a couple of other players. He does a lot of scouting for me here in Nigeria so he called me about three years ago and said there were some boys he wanted me to check on of which Mikel Obi was one of them.

Joseph used to be the welfare officer for the U-17s (the Golden Eaglets) so he couldn't do much. He's a friend that I have known for long. I was to manage him before he had the accident. So since then he has been my friend.

After his accident I didn't want him to leave football. So myself and other friends of ours kept on encouraging him and if you look at the condition he is now, you know he still does his best to survive, he doesn't beg from anybody, he works hard to maintain himself and family which is the role he's been playing for me as a scout in Nigeria. He was actually a FIFA licensed agent as at that time he was welfare officer for the Eaglets but he couldn't combine both scouting and advising players.

The first time he saw Mikel Obi was when the Eaglets went to play Plateau United in Jos and he was later invited to the team and from then we kept monitoring him.

They went to the Meridian Cup in Egypt later Swaziland and three or four other countries a Dosu always gave me reports about him. I was also monitoring the situation. There were five of them Emmanuel Sarki, Ezekiel Bala, Chinedu Ogbuke, John Mikel Obi, Isaac Promise and Kolawole Anuobi. There were about 10 of them initially but I always insist that boys introduced to me are not linked to any agent or have any agreement with anybody.

Dosu went to screen the boys and apart from Kolawole Anuobi and Chamberlain who had something to do with Ibru the rest were free and so I told Dosu to forget those that had agents already. So it was only five of them we were convinced did not have anything to do with anybody and we followed them up.

Along the way, Isaac Promise and Mikel Obi were invited by Man. U, which I was 100 per cent aware of. So they went to Man U for training and were there three to four weeks. I was away in Dubai then with George Weah because I was doing his contract but once in a week spoke to the boys while they were in England after which they returned to Nigeria.

After that Man U invited them again and they went and stayed for a week or so by then the U-17s were preparing for the World Cup in Finland. So enroute Finland the team went to Man U where they stays for two three days I can't remember precisely but I remember on the day of their departure to Finland I went to see them. So after the World Cup, which thought they were going to win but unfortunately they didn't, the rest of the team returned to Nigeria while Isaac Promise and Mikel Obi went back to Man U where they were for a couple of weeks.

I went to Old Trafford to see the management. I saw Alex Ferguson, Jim Ryan and Lex Crasho. We sat down had a meeting and arrived at an arrangement how we can get the boys sign for Man U. They made a lot of promises, which the boys liked. We all agreed and we were expecting them to come back with their promises because after that the boys had to leave for Nigeria. In principled we agreed on what they want to do and how they want to finance the boys.

Though while they were there Jim Ryan was pressuring these boys to sign for Alex Ferguson's son, which at that point in time they couldn't succeed because Alex Ferguson himself was being investigated. So the pressure was on and then I came in and said no it was not going to be possible. I was not a licensed agent then but I was working with another big firm, which was a FIFA licensed agent. It was a complicated situation because the boys were still under 17 and anything they sign has to be rectified by their parents. Having said that, Dosu actually signed them under our company initially but he didn't get it rectified before the Meridian Cup. So we were working on the basis of trust and told ourselves let's just do what we have to do for them and that was what we based the whole thing on.

I do that a lot, seven years ago I was one of those that did Kanu's movement to Arsenal and everything was done on the basis of trust. And I thought you have to believe in your own people because I believe my word should be bond. But I'm learning fast now that is so unfortunate that the people I call my own people sometime you cannot trust them. Everything doesn't have to be until you put something in writing and sign the dotted lines but sometimes you have got to give the benefit of the doubt but is so unfortunate that you can't trust some of the people.

So after about two months of waiting for Man U to live to their promise the boys became impatient in Nigeria and kept calling me and I was calling Man U but they were not forthcoming with anything. They were two other boys Emmanuel Sarki and Ezekiel Bala that I sent to Chelsea while Isaac Promise and Mikel Obi were sent to Man U. So there was a lot of pressure on me that if Man U is not coming up with anything because all my boys were wanted by so many clubs including top clubs in Spain and Italy but I thought it would be good for them to be in England because of language barrier and so on. So I now spoke to Chelsea and told them 'look this is the situation do you want to have these boys?' The Assistant Manager then Gwen Williams whom I brought to Nigeria last year said ok we will love to have them. And we spoke to the boys Mikel Obi was willing but Isaac Promise was reluctant so I said is up to you if you want to wait for Man U is your decision which is why till today he is not associated with any club yet.

So it became four of them and they were being taken care of well. And towards the end of 2003 they came back home on holidays but Chelsea knew they were coming back so they were paid some allowances just to keep them going because they cannot sign anything because they were still under aged.

And from there we were thinking of were to move them to. We wanted to move them back to Europe to go to school and play football. We looked at the option of South Africa because we thought it would be like what they would experience in European under 17 to 18 teams where can move from one country to another within Europe, FIFA rules allows that. So we thought of the same thing for Africa. While we were going that we were still processing visas for any of the European countries, which was Belgium and Norway. And we procured South African visas, where we wanted them to join Ajax Cape Town. So they went to South Africa for eight months they were schooled and trained with the first team. While there, we continued trying to get the visas for Belgium or Norway. There was a school in Norway, which was said to be the best academy in Europe and the visa came out first so we decided to send them to the school in Norway called NTG. It is an academy affiliated to a club called FC Lyn.

The arrangement was that we pay all the school fees and their allowances and in future we will be able to move them to any club in Europe, either Chelsea, Man U, Barcelona etc. We did all the funding and that is how the whole thing went.

We have a partner who brought this school to our notice - Profile Sports Chief Executive is Runo Hawk. I did not know anything about Hawk before but my company in England knows a lot about him. Profile Sports has nothing to do with me, John ****tu. He made the arrangement with the school and FC Lyn so it was on the basis of that agreement that we sent the boys to Norway. We came up with all the funding. Everything was explained to us that the boys could play football part time and go to school while still 17, which is what they were doing.

Things started changing when one of them turned 18 and the first to turn 18 was Chinedu so we realised that the Sports Director, Morgan Anderson was becoming a nuisance. He started putting pressure on the boys to sign a contract without my knowledge. When they went on a training tour in Malaga, he prepared a contract and gave them to sign, and told them 'oh no don't worry about your agent we have agreed on everything' and which I didn't know anything about it.

Before I took these boys out of Nigeria I had letters from their parents asking me to take care of them which the club was aware of and Morgan Anderson had copies of all these letters but for one reason or the other he disregarded those letters. So he went on like that and I had to speak to him about it. He said no that he was having some problem with Sports Profile but I said I brought the boys here and everything you wanted I have always provided and you have always talked to me so why now?

So he apologized that he made some mistakes and we sorted it out and we left it at that. I didn't know he had other plans. Mikel Obi was 18 on April 22 and I was there on April 23 to celebrate with him and other guys and also watch his first match on April 24. After that I came to Nigeria and I was here when my Secretary in my London office called me on my mobile phone that he has just received a fax. I was with Dosu that day we were on our way to Abeokuta to see the U-20 they were in camp in Otta but we made a mistake and went to Abeokuta.

He had the fax to me that Mikel Obi doesn't need my services as his agent anybody. That was on April 29 after noon and I told my secretary to forget it that is not Mikel because we have been together two and half years and I know he would never do such a thing. We just left it at that and by 8 p.m. in the evening a friend called me and said congratulations Mikel Obi just signed for Man U, and I was like what are you talking about and he said 'oh are you not the one that did the deal?'

I said please forget it Mikel is not going to Man U and he said I should check the teletext and I saw it, Mikel has just signed for Man U.

First thing I did was call his number he didn't respond so I called the other boy (Bala) and he said 'bros we do not know what is going on o!' and I said 'what do you mean where is Mikel?'

He said Mikel was not there and that they had a training session that day and the trainer took him away after the training. Normally the boys do everything together but that day the trainer just said you are not going with them Morgan Anderson wants you in his office now and they were just watching the TV and saw Mikel holding a Man U shirt so it was another guy from the team that called them.

He said they have been trying to speak to Mikel as well but we couldn't get him. But I was still convince something was wrong somewhere. I kept calling him but he didn't respond so I left it until the next day and then call him at about 6 a.m., which was 7 a.m. there, and he picked and he said 'bros I am sorry it was these people.'

He was like crying on the phone, sounding very apologetic and I said 'who are these people?'

He said it was Morgan Anderson. He was put in a room and was told that a day before Man U had contacted him that they wanted Mikel to sign for them and the contract papers have been fax to him (Morgan Anderson). He said he needed to speak to his agent but was refused. He said needed to study the contract for a week, he was refused. He was told he could not speak to his agent or his family and was told to just sign the deal.

He said he was forced to sign so I told him that I will handle everything he should just continue with what he was doing since he had a match in a few days time.

I then called Morgan Anderson and he just kept saying 'oh John I do not have problem with you just come down we will have a deal.'

I was like what are you talking about but he just was not listening and kept saying just come down we will have a deal. So I had to call Mikel back and I told him he should remain calm that I will take care of everything and would meet him in Norway. I left Nigeria four days later though I did talk to him daily until I left. First thing I did was I flew to London and met with my Chief Executive who is also my partner then we decided to go to Norway together the next day.

So we went straight to the boys' house because whenever I am in Norway I stay with them not in a hotel not because I cannot afford it, it is just that I love being with them. They have a nice apartment about 3 - 4 bedroom but we all sleep on the floor in the living room. When we got there two of the boys were out for training while Emmanuel Sarki was away in Chelsea recuperating after his injury. So it was only Mikel Obi that was home because he had two days off having played a match two days back. So within 15 minutes that we arrived in the house his phone kept ringing when he picked it was a guy from the club saying who is there with you? You know they are not supposed to be there.

Me John ****tu that brought the boys to Norway and I got the house and paid the rents and now I can't be in the house? I was mad but my Chief Executive said I should not react in that manner. Mikel was saying this is my agent how come he cannot be here? The guy on the phone said he was going to call the police so I said they should let him call the police because we did not do anything wrong. Again my Chief Executive calmed me down and the whole thing died that day.

The next day we went about our normal activities but Ezekiel Bala was playing a cup game and so we had to go and drop him at home early to prepare and called one of their goalkeepers to come and take us to watch the game and support Bala as well.

Before the game, we want to see Morgan Anderson between 12 noon and 1 pm and he saw Mikel Obi by himself and tried again to put pressure on him not to change his about the contract but Mikel Obi told him he had said earlier he was not interested in the Man. U contract without his agent being there.

Then Anderson said 'look you have signed the contract and that is final and there's nothing about it.'

I then had a meeting with him after which I told him not to put pressure on the boy if there is anything he wants he should let me know and I will handle it and he agreed.

So on our way to the game he now called Mikel that he wants to see him by 4 pm but that he should not tell John because he did not want him there. So Mikel refused to honour the invitation and that was how the whole kidnapping saga started.

We were in the car when he called Mikel's phone but he refused to answer because he did not want to speak to Morgan Anderson and he then called Chinedu who was with us also and asked to speak to Mikel but he told him he did not know where Mikel was and he then asked if John was there and Chinedu said yes and he then told him to handover the phone to me.

Morgan Anderson now asked 'John didn't Mikel tell you we were having a meeting at 4 pm?'

I said 'but I was with you earlier you never mentioned it and why did you have to tell Mikel about the meeting when you had my number with which you could have used to call me directly?'

He then asked if I was going to the game that he wanted to send a car to pick me. I said I was not sure and if I was going I'll find my way.

We went to the game and we were about 100 meters to the stadium when two guys came to Mikel Obi and said 'where have you been?'

And Chinedu asked 'what is wrong with these guys?'

Another guy from the club joined them and said 'Mikel, Morgan Anderson wants you in the office right now!'

And Mikel said he was not going to see Morgan Anderson 'I'm here to watch the game.'

But the guys said 'you are not watching the game you are coming with me to see Morgan Anderson right now!'

Then I stepped in and said we are here to watch the game so if he doesn't want to go to see Morgan Anderson he doesn't want to go. The next thing he said was 'oh no you shut your mouth or I will call the police.'

Suddenly people were coming towards the scene and the press guys too and then it occurred to us that Morgan Anderson must have gone to the Internet to say Mikel Obi was missing.

So that was how the guy became 'Beckham' over night because the press, everybody was on him. So we left there and walked away and all sorts of camera were on us.

He became uncomfortable and they followed us to where we sat and we decided to leave the venue for home. But the guy that brought us was no longer willing to take us back after a few kilometres he asked us to drop because of the police.

This same keeper Morgan Anderson did similar thing to him when a couple of clubs in England wanted to him but Morgan Anderson wanted him to play for A.C Milan but he refused believing he would not have a future there.

So Anderson refused to pay his wages for two months then he was dropped from the first team and it went on for three months but he stood his ground and in the end the team was not doing well he was brought back to the team. So because of his experience he didn't want to get involved in Mikel's case because he knew what Morgan Anderson could do.

That was how we arrived in the bush, the frontline of the whole world today. We were not running away from anybody. We went back to the game through the back gate when the press saw us again and came with their cameras and all and he became uncomfortable and he was holding his head and covering his face that was the picture the sent around the world. He couldn't handle it and we decided to go home and luckily we got a cab. We couldn't go home because Mikel was scared even when I assured him that he did nothing wrong so we could go home he refused. So we decided to go to a restaurant to eat and we where there when Bala called after he finished his game.

He had to keep changing taxis and direction to avoid being followed to get to us. But he still refused to go home and said he needed somewhere to clear his head and ask me to take him away from the place. So I said if that is what you want is ok by me.

So that was how the kidnap and abduction saga started.

We got home very early in the morning and departed about 5 am for the airport to catch a flight to London. When we got to the airport because Mikel was still scared we didn't see anybody though I was not expecting anybody but we saw all the Norwegian papers saying Mikel has been kidnapped and Morgan Anderson was quoted as saying that he was kidnapped by one John ****tu working for Chelsea. He said he had Mikel's passport while I used another passport to get Mikel out of Norway and this was a lie but I was neither worried nor bothered.

This is me that have always done things with him but now I was no longer Mikel's agent but one John ****tu. So we left for England and the boy was happy to be away and slept and relaxed. We didn't meet anybody about any contract he was looking forward to joining the U-20 in camp because Man. U had the letter of invitation already.

This was a contract that signed his image rights away to Man U., FC Lyn and if nothing was said about it I think is something that should worry everybody. Mikel Obi didn't know anything about the contract even before hand. The first time he spoke to me he said 'bros you brought me here and now these people are messing my career up.'

And when I spoke to the dad as well he said 'look, I gave you my son and anything that happens to him you are suppose to know.'

What is really wrong is it that you are not happy that you were not contacted or Mikel does not want to continue?

If the contract is what the Mikel wants no problem but he would not be forced to sign a contract under duress or that he doesn't need an agent to sign his first contract for a boy that has just turned 18. Morgan Anderson as Director of Sports for FC Lyn that wants to become Mikel's adviser for his first contract.

You are in touch with Mikel how is he?

He is doing well. I left him in Paris with his teammates. All the Norwegian people are waiting for us there. He is a lovely boy and he is happy to be with his teammate again. I am returning to join him soon.


here. I found that article in Japanese as well

Juliana Taiwo Abuja 、ナイジェリア著ジョンSh1TTu: 私は約3 のためのMikel Obi および半分年を知っていた。鉱山Dosu ヨセフの同僚は幾つかの他のプレーヤーとの私に彼を導入した。彼はナイジェリアの私のための多くの偵察をここにする従って彼は前に私を約3 年呼び、言われてどのMikel Obi を点検して1 つがそれらのあったか彼が私にのほしかった何人かの男の子があった。ヨセフはU-17s (金Eaglets) のための福祉役人であるのが常であった従って彼は多くをすることができなかった。彼は私が長くのために知っていた友人である。私は彼が事故を有した前に彼を経営するべきだった。そうそれ以来彼はずっと私の友人である。彼が彼の事故によってが私フットボールを残してほしくなかった後。私達のもののそう自分自身そして他の友人は彼を励まし続け、彼によってが今ある条件を見れば、彼がまだ存続するために全力を尽すことを知っている彼は誰でもから頼まない、彼自身を維持するために彼は懸命に働き、役割である家族彼はずっとナイジェリアの偵察者として私のために遊んでいる。彼はその時にように彼がEaglets のための福祉役人だったしかし彼が偵察およびプレーヤーの助言を結合できなかったFIFA によって認可された代理人実際にだった。彼が見た時最初に彼がチームに後でJos で結合したプラトーをすることを行き、それから私達から誘われ、かMikel Obi はEaglets が彼を監視し続けたときだった。それらはエジプトより遅いスワジランドの子午線のコップに行き、3 つか4 つの他の国は常にDosu 私に彼についてのレポートを与えた。私はまた状態を監視していた。それらの5 つがEmmanuel Sarki 、Ezekiel Bala 、Chinedu Ogbuke 、ジョンMikel Obi のIsaac の約束およびKolawole Anuobi あった。それらの約10 が最初にあったが、私に導入される男の子があらゆる代理店につながらない主張したりまたは誰でもとの一致を有することを私は常に。 Dosu は男の子を選別することを行き、残りによってが自由にあった従って私Dosu を代理店が既にあったそれらを忘れるように言い、Ibru に関与していたKolawole Anuobi およびチェンバレンから離れて。そう私達が持たなかった誰でもとすることを何も確信した私達はそれらに続いたそれらの5 時だけであり。途中で、Isaac の約束及びMikel Obi は私が100 パーセントわかっていたMan. U によって誘われた。そう彼らは訓練のためのU に人を配置することを行き、3 から4 週そこにあった。私は彼らがイギリスにいるそのあとで彼らナイジェリアに戻った間、私が彼の契約をしていたが、一度男の子への週のスポークでのでジョージ Weah が付いているドバイで離れていたそして。後人U がそれらをそして彼ら1 週間行き、とどまった再度誘ったまたはそうそれまでにU-17s はフィンランドのワールドカップのために準備していたこと。そうenroute フィンランドはチームそれらが私が正確に覚えることができないが、私がそれらを見ることを行ったフィンランドに出発の日に覚えている2 つの3 日間とどまるU に人を配置することを行った。不運にもそう考えたワールドカップの後でIsaac の約束及びMikel Obi が二三週間の間あったU に人を配置することを行く間、勝つ行っていたが、ナイジェリアことをに戻ったチームの残り。管理に会うことを私は古いTrafford に行った。私はアレックスFerguson 、ジムライアンおよびLex Crasho を見た。私達は私達が男の子に人U のための印をいかに見つけてあげることができるか開き、会合を整理で着かれて坐った。彼らは男の子が好んだ多くの約束を作った。私達は完全に同意し、後男の子がナイジェリアのために残さなければならなかったそれのでそれらが彼らの約束ともどって来ると期待していた。principled で私達は彼らがたいと思うもの、そして男の子を融資したいと思ういかににし同意した。彼らがそこにいる間、ジムライアンがアレックスFerguson が調査されていたので彼自身時間のその時成功できなかったアレックスFerguson の息子のために署名するためにこれらの男の子に圧力をかけていたけれども。そう圧力はあり、それから私は入り、それが可能であることを行っていなかったことを否ことを言った。私は認可された代理人そしてでなかったが、FIFA によって認可された代理店だった別の大きい会社を使っていた。それは男の子が17 以下まだあり、署名する何でも彼らの親によって調整されなければならないので複雑な状態だった。それを、Dosu 言って実際に私達の会社の下でそれらに最初に署名したしかし彼はそれを子午線のコップの前に調整されて得なかった。そう私達は信頼に基づいて働いて、私達自身に言われるちょうど私達がそれらのためにしなければなり、それが私達が何もかも全部を基づかせていたものにだったものをする。私はそれをたくさんする、7 年前に私はそれが工廠へのKanu の動きをしたすべては信頼に基づいてされたそれらの1 才であり。そして私は私の単語はとらわれのべきであることを私が信じるのであなた自身の人々を信じなければならないことを考えた。しかし私はいつかあなたがそれらを信頼することができないことを人々が私私の自身の人々を呼ぶほど不運であるので速く学んでいる。すべては人々の何人か信頼できないほど執筆に何かを置き、が、点線に署名する時々疑いの利点を与えるなるが、不運であるまであるならない。そう彼らの約束に住む待っている人U の約2 かの数か月後に男の子はナイジェリアで気短かになり、私を呼び続け、私は人U を呼んでいたが、何でもと迫っていなかった。彼らはIsaac の約束及びMikel Obi が人U に送られる間、私がChelsea に送ったEzekiel Bala 及び2 人の他の男の子Emmanuel Sarki だった。そうそれらがイギリスにあることはよい言葉の障壁のためにそしてそうことを私の男の子全員がによって従って望まれたので人U が何でもを思い付かなければスペインおよびイタリア私の上クラブを含む多くのクラブ考えたが、私に多くの圧力があった。そう私はChelsea に今話し、それらに' 言われてこれを見ることはである状態これらの男の子を持ちたいと思うか。' 私が良く言われたナイジェリアに去年私達に連れて来たGwen ウィリアムスアシスタント・マネージャーはそれからそれらがあることを愛する。そして私達はMikel によってObi が喜んでU によってが今日まで彼があらゆるクラブとなぜまだ関連付けられていないかであるあなたの決定である人を待ちたいと思えばIsaac の約束は好まなかっただったが、従って私はあなたまでである言った男の子に話した。そうそれらの4 時になり、彼らは井戸を大事にされていた。そして2003 の終わりの方に彼らは休日に家にもどって来たが、Chelsea は知っていたまだ老化したので何でも署名することができないのでもどって来ていた従って行かせそれらを続けるある手当をちょうど支払われたことを。そしてそこに私達はからについてそれらをに動かすべきだった考えていた。私達は学校及び演劇のフットボールに行くためにヨーロッパにそれらを戻したいと思った。私達は1 ヶ国からヨーロッパの内の別のものに移るできる17 から18 チームFIFA の規則以下ヨーロッパ人で許可するそれを経験するものをのよう私達が考えたので南アフリカ共和国の選択を見たであることを。そう私達はアフリカのための同じ事について考えた。私達はまだベルギー及びノルウェーだった欧州諸国の何れかのための査証を処理していたこと私達が行っている間。そして私達はそれらが私達によってがAjax ケープタウンを結合してほしかった南アフリカの査証を手に入れた。そうそれらは最初のチームと教育され、訓練された8 か月間南アフリカ共和国に行った。そこに、私達がベルギーまたはノルウェーのための査証を得ることを試み続ける間。に学校が査証が言われ、従って私達が最初に出て来たヨーロッパの最もよいアカデミーのノルウェーによって呼ばれたNTG の学校にそれらを送ることにしたノルウェーあったの。それはFC Lyn と呼ばれるクラブに加入するアカデミーである。整理はどちらかのChelsea 、人U 、バルセロナ等私達が学校料金すべておよび手当を支払い、未来以内にヨーロッパのあらゆるクラブにそれらを動かせることだった。私達は資金すべてをし、それは何もかも全部がいかに行ったかである。私達に私達の通知にこの学校を持って来たパートナーがある- プロフィールのスポーツの行政長官はRuno のタカである。私はイギリスの私の会社が彼についてたくさん知っているが、前にタカについての何も知らなかった。プロフィールのスポーツは私のジョンの **** のtu とは全く関係ない。彼は学校およびFC Lyn の整理をした従って私達がノルウェーに男の子を送ったことそれはその一致に基づいてだった。私達はすべての資金を都合した。すべては私達に男の子が間、まだ17 フットボールをパートタイムでし、していたものである学校に行くことができること説明された。事はスポーツディレクターは迷惑になっていたことをモーガンアンダーソン、18 を回す第1 Chinedu 回した従って私達がわかっただったそれらの1 つが18 をときに変わり始め。私の知識のない契約に署名する彼は男の子に圧力を置き始めた。彼らがマラガの訓練旅行で行ったときに、彼は契約を準備し、印にそれらを与え、それらに' 否オハイオ州言われるあなたの代理店を心配しなければ私達によってがすべてに' を同意したどれ私がそれについての何も知らなかった。私がクラブがに気づいていた及びかどれ私がそれらを世話するように私に頼んでいる彼らの親からの手紙を有したナイジェリアからこれらの男の子を取った前にモーガンアンダーソンにすべてのこれらの手紙のコピーがあったが、1 つの理由または他のために彼はそれらの手紙を無視した。そう彼はそのように継続し、私はそれについて彼に話さなければならなかった。彼はすべて常に私が提供したあることがここに連れて来た常に私になぜ今ほしいと思ったことを私が男の子をそう話したことを彼がスポーツのプロフィールの問題を有していたが、私が言ったこと否言い、か。そう彼は彼がある間違いを作り、私達がそれでそれ及び私達をそれ残分類したこと謝った。私は彼が他の計画を有したことを知らなかった。Mikel Obi は4 月22 日に18 であり、私は彼、他の人と祝い、また4 月24 日に彼の最初マッチを見る4 月23 日にそこにいた。後彼はちょうどファクシミリを受け取ったこと私がナイジェリアに来たそして私ことロンドンの私のオフィスの私の秘書が私の移動式電話の私を呼んだときがここにあった。私はDosu と日私達がAbeokuta に私達の方法にU-20 がOtta のキャンプにあったが、私達が間違いを作り、Abeokuta に行ったことを見るあったことだった。 Mikel Obi が彼の代理店として私のサービスを誰でも必要としないこと彼に私にファクシミリがあった。それは4 月29 日に正午及び私が私の秘書に忘れるように告げた後あり、Mikel はないこと彼は決してそのような事をしないことをずっと私達が2 才一緒にである半分年および私知っているので。私達はそれでちょうどそれを残し、夕方の8 p.m. によって' オハイオ州もの取り引きをか。' はしたないであることを述べているであり、彼が言ったもののよう友人は私を呼び、人U のために署名したお祝いのMikel Obi の公正そして私をだった言い私は私がテレテキストを点検するべきで、人U のためにそれを、Mikel ちょうど署名した見たことをそれがMikel U に人を配置することを行かないし、彼が言ったことを忘れている言った。私が彼の数最初事は呼出し彼によってが答えなかった従って私は他の男の子(Bala) を呼び、だった彼は'!' を行っているものがo で私達が知らないbros 言ったそして私はMikel がか。' あるどこに意味する何が' 言った彼はMikel がそこになかったし、それそれらが日及びトレーナーが訓練の後の彼に取ったトレーニングを持っていたことを言った。普通男の子はすべてを一緒にしが、それらと行っていないことをその日トレーナーはちょうど言いモーガンアンダーソンは彼のオフィスの今ほしいと思い、公正だったことを人U のワイシャツを握るTV および鋸Mikel を見る従ってそれはそれらを呼んだチームからのもう一つの人だった。彼はそれらもまたずっとMikel に伝えることを試みている私達が彼を得ることができなかったことを言った。しかし私はまだ確信させる何かをどこかに間違っていたあった。私は彼を呼び続けたが、彼は私までのそれ翌日残そう答えなかったし、それからそれがこれらの人々。' がだったことを' bros 私残念であることを7 つのAM 、及び彼を呼ぶことは選び、そこにいた彼は言った約6 つのAM で彼彼は電話で叫ぶことのようだった、これらの人々はか。' であるかだれ非常にapologetic および私に鳴って' 言った彼はそれがモーガンアンダーソンだったことを言った。それらによってはMikel がそれらのために署名してほしく、契約のペーパーは彼へずっとファクシミリであること人U が彼に連絡した日前に彼に部屋に置かれ、こと言われた(モーガンアンダーソン) 。彼は彼が彼の代理店に話す必要があったが、断られたことを言った。1 週間契約を調査すると彼は必要彼断られた言った。彼が彼の代理人か彼の家族に話すことができなかったし、ちょうど取り引きに署名するように言われたことを彼に言われた。彼は私がすべてを彼扱うように彼が署名させる従って私が彼に言ったことを言った彼が少数の日の時間にマッチを有したので続ける彼がしていたものをからちょうどべきである。私はそれからモーガンアンダーソンを呼び、彼はちょうど' 私があなたとの問題を私達来てどうしてももらわないオハイオ州ジョン取り引きが。' にあることを言い続けた私は彼がどうしてもあるが、ちょうど来られて続けられて私達を言いに取り引きが聞かなかったし、か述べているあるもののようだった。そう私はMikel の背部を呼ばなければなり、私がすべてを大事にし、ノルウェーの彼に会うこと彼が穏やかに残るべきであることを彼に言った。私は私がI までの彼に残毎日話したけれどもナイジェリアに4 日後で残した。私が最初事はロンドンに私飛び、私達が翌日ノルウェーに一緒に行くことにした私のパートナーまたの私の行政長官と会っただった。そう私達は男の子の家に私が私はそれらとあることを愛することない私がそれをできることができないので私がホテルのそれらとないとどまるノルウェーにいる時はいつでもそれが公正であるのでまっすぐに行った。彼らに3 - 4 寝室私達についての素晴らしいアパートが反響室の床のすべての睡眠ある。私達がそこに着いたときに男の子の2 つは訓練のためにEmmanuel Sarki が彼の傷害の後で回復するChelsea で離れている間、あった。そう彼が2 日することマッチを2 休日を過したので家ののは唯一にMikel Obi だった。私達が家で着いたことそう15 分以内に彼の電話は彼がそれをだったあなたとそこにあるクラブ格言からの人選んだときに鳴り続けたか。彼らがそこにあるために仮定されないことを知っている。私はノルウェーに男の子を及び私家を得、賃貸料を支払い、連れて来た今私は家にいることができないジョンの**** のtu か。私は気違いだったが、私がその方法で反応するべきでないことを私の行政長官は言った。Mikel はどうして彼がここにいることができないかこれが私の代理店であることを言っていたか。電話の人は彼が警察を呼ぼうとしていた従って私が言ったことを言った私達が何も間違ってしなかったので彼が警察を呼ぶことを許可するべきであることを。再度私の行政長官は私を静め、何もかも全部によってはその日が死んだ。翌日私達は私達の正常な活動歩き回ったが、Ezekiel Bala はコップのゲームをして、従ってゲームを見、またBala を支えるために私達も準備するために及び私達を取ることを来る彼らのゴールキーパーの呼ばれた1 杯家で彼を早く落とすことを行かなければならなかった。ゲームの前に、私達は彼がそこにいる彼の代理店のないMan. U 契約に興味がなかったことを彼が先に言ってしまったことを契約についての彼の変えないモーガンアンダーソンその間正午におよび1 pm および彼がMikel Obi を一人で見、が、彼に圧力を置くことを再度試みたMikel Obi が彼に告げたことを見たいと思う。それからアンダーソンはそれが最終的署名し、それについての何も。' がであり、ことを' 一見契約にないことを言った私はそれから彼との会合を開いたそのあとで男の子彼は彼がべきである知らせる私におよび私に圧力を置かないことはそれを扱い、彼は同意したほしいと思う何でもあれば私は彼に言った。そうゲームへの私達の方法で彼は今彼が4 pm によって彼に会いたいと思うが、こと彼は彼がそこにほしいと思わなかったので彼がジョンに言うべきでないことMikel を呼んだ。そうMikel は招待に名誉を与えることを断り、それは全誘拐の冒険談がいかに始まったかだった。私達は車に彼がモーガンアンダーソンに話したいと思わなかった彼がChinedu がそこにいる彼が私にhandover にそれから彼に電話をはい言い、ジョンは言ったらかどうかMikel があったそれから尋ねたどこに彼が知らなかったことを私達とまたあり、が、Mikel に話すことを頼んだ彼は彼に言い、Chinedu を呼んだので彼がMikel's の電話を呼んだが、彼が答えることを断ったときにあり。モーガンアンダーソン今尋ねられた' ジョンはMikel 私達が4 時に会合を開いていたか。' 言わなかった私は' 言ったが、あなたとあったあなたがか。' 私を直接呼ぶのに使用したかもしれない私の数を有したときに会合についてのMikel をなぜ言わなければならなかったか先にあなたが決してそれを述べなかったし、彼はそれから私を選ぶために彼が車を送りたいと思ったこと私がゲームに行くかどうか尋ねた。私は行ったら私が確実でなかった私私の方法を見つけることを言い。私達はゲームに行き、あっているか。' 持ちなさいところに2 人の人がMikel Obi に来、' 言ったときに競技場へ約100 メートルだったそしてChinedu はこれらの人と間違っているか。' 何が' 頼んだクラブからのもう一人の人はそれらを結合し、' Mikel 、アンダーソンはオフィスの!' を今ほしいと思うモーガン言ったそしてMikel は彼がモーガンアンダーソンが' 私。' ゲームを見ることここにいることを見ようとはしていなかったことを言ったしかし' 言われる人はモーガンアンダーソンに今あなたが私と!' 会いに来ているゲームを見ていないそれから私は歩み、言われて私達は彼が彼が行きたいと思わないモーガンアンダーソンに会うことを行きたいと思わなければゲームをそう見ることここにいる。彼が言った次の事は' 否オハイオ州締めたあなたの口をだったまたは私は呼ぶ警察を。' 突然人々は場面の方に来て、モーガンアンダーソンがMikel Obi が行方不明だったことを言うことをなること余りに出版物の人インターネットに行くにはそれから私達に起こり。出版物が、皆彼にあったので人が' Beckham ' の余分夜にいかにがなったかあったように。そう私達はそこに去り、歩き、各種各様のカメラは私達にあった。彼は不快になり、私達が坐り、家のための開催地を残すことにしたところにそれらは私達に続いた。しかし私達を連れて来た人はもはや少数のキロメートルが彼私達に警察のために落ちるように頼んだ後私達を取ることを決定していなかった。モーガンアンダーソンこの同じ看守は彼に同じような事をしイギリスの二三人のクラブが彼にときにモーガンアンダーソンが彼にほしかったが、彼が断ったAC ミラノのために遊んでほしかったが、彼をそこに過さない未来を信じる。そうアンダーソンは2 か月間彼の賃金を支払うことを断ったそれから彼が最初のチームから落ち、3 か月間継続したが、彼は彼の地面を立て、チームが彼をよくしていなかったついにチームに持って来られた。そう彼の経験のために彼はモーガンアンダーソンがことができるものを彼が知っていたするのでMikel の場合で複雑に得たいと思わなかった。それは、今日全世界のfrontline 私達が薮でいかに着いたかだった。私達は誰でもから走っていなかった。私達は背部ゲートを通ってゲームにそしてすべて及び彼不快に来、彼が彼の頭部を握って、世界中で送られた映像のだった彼の表面をなり、出版物が私達にまた会い、彼らのカメラと覆っていたときに行った。彼はそれを扱うことができなかったし、私達は家に行くことにし、運よく私達タクシーを得た。私達は彼は間違った何も従って私達をしなかったこと私が彼を保証した時でさえMikel がおびえていたので家に行くことができなかった断った家に行くことができる彼。そう私達は彼が彼のゲームを終えた後Bala が呼んだときに食べることをところでそこにレストランおよび私達に行くことにした。彼は私達に得るために続かれることを避けるようにタクシー及び方向を変え続けなければならなかった。しかし彼はまだ家に行くことを断り、彼がゆとりに彼の頭部をどこかに必要とした言い、そして私に場所ことをから彼を連れ去るように頼む。そう私はそれがであるかどうか言った私によって良いほしいと思うものが。誘拐及び外転の冒険談がいかにが始まったかあったように。私達は家に非常に朝早く帰り、約5 AM ロンドンへの飛行をつかまえる空港のため出発した。Mikel がまだおびえていたので私達が空港に着いたときに私達は彼はChelsea のために働く1 ジョンの**** のtu によって誘拐されたと言うのでノルウェーのペーパーすべてをMikel を言うことが誘拐されたモーガンアンダーソンが引用されたことを誰でもしかし私が誰でもを待っていなかったが、私達が見たことを見なかったし。彼はこれがうそ使用し、私が心配していなかったり迷惑を掛けられただったが、ノルウェーからMikel を抜き出すのに私が別のパスポートを間、彼にMikel のパスポートがあったことを言った。これは私である常に彼とのずっと事をしているが、今私はMikel の代理人しかし1 ジョンの**** のtu もはやでなく。そう私達はイギリスのために去り、男の子は離れ、眠らせ、そして緩められて幸せだった。私達はMan. U に招待の手紙が既にあったので彼によってがキャンプのU-20 の結合を楽しみにしていたあらゆる契約についての誰でもに会わなかった。これはu. に人を配置する彼のイメージの権利にFC Lyn 署名した何もそれについて私言われなかったらの皆を心配するべきである何か考える契約であり。Mikel Obi は手の前でさえも契約についての何も知らなかった。彼が私に話した時最初に彼は' bros 私にこれらの人々が私のキャリアを。' が台なしにしている現時点を持って来たことを言ったそして私がよく彼としてお父さんに言った' 一見話したときに、私は私の息子を与え、あなたによってがある彼に起こる何でも知るために仮定する。' をそれは何連絡されないか、またはMikel が続きたいと思わないこと幸せでないこと実際に間違っているあるか。 Mikel は問題がほしいと思わないが、もの契約がなら彼は監禁の下で契約に署名させるまたはそれ彼は代理人がちょうど18 を回した男の子のための彼の最初契約に署名することを必要としない。彼の最初契約のためのMikel の顧問に似合いたいと思うFC Lyn のためのスポーツのディレクターとしてモーガンアンダーソン。彼がいかにあるかMikel の接触にであるか。彼はよくしている。私は彼のteammates とパリに彼を残した。ノルウェーの人々全員は私達をそこに待っている。彼は美しい男の子であり、彼のteammate とあって幸せ再度である。彼をすぐに結合するために私は戻っている。


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IceBlu said:
もの契約がなら彼は監禁の下で契約に署名させるまたはそれ彼は代理人がちょうど18 を回した男の子のための彼の最初契約に署名することを必要としない。彼の最初契約のためのMikel の顧問に似合いたいと思うFC Lyn のためのスポーツのディレクターとしてモーガンアンダーソン。彼がいかにあるかMikel の接触にであるか。彼はよくしている。私は彼のteammates とパリに彼を残した。ノルウェーの人々全員は私達をそこに待っている。彼は美しい男の子であり、彼のteammate とあって幸せ再度である。彼をすぐに結合するために私は戻っている。

I agree and i've said this a million times :jambo:

Joe Star

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Is that story for real??? Sounded more like one of them African money-making scam mails i get everyday. :chew:


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kaycee2g said:
i really don give a i just posted an article. i aint here to impress anyone
Firstly, I want to thank you (and iceblu, provided the appearance of thousands of boxes wasnt a joke and due to my computer lacking a japanese character set) for posting that. I took the time to read it, and I must say, id rep you for putting it up there if i could, kaycee

Secondly, if youve ever mouthed off about how Chelsea kidnapped this kid, man up and spend the fvcking 10 minutes to read the thing. Jesus people, besides a few translatory difficulties its really not that hard, especially if you spoke and made accusations about the roles of certain teams in the saga without proper knowledge.

Anyway, to the point. This could all be bullsh*t, for all I know, but it makes sense, given what events people are aware of in the Obi Mikel story. I was never so silly as to think Man U actually barged there way in and made this kid do something he didnt want because they were a team I dislike. But alot of people on here shot their mouthes off about Chelsea taking him illegally, kidnapping, and the russian mob for christ's sake. If that was the case, I hope you can stand up like a man and admit you were wrong

Pede told you all so (H)

ericstarkid said:
somebody please do a short conclusion about what actually the article above was talking about

Ok, this is very brief, but you really should read the article: its actually very intresting!

Brief Summary
Mr Shytetu talks about how he scouted Obi and 5 other boys in Nigeria, originally, and as such became their de facto agent. He then gets the boys to go to Lyn and attend school while in an academy. Before that, ManU had apparrently been to see them, and had expressed intrest in signing them, but it was not at all official. However, from what I remember, Shytetu was saying that he expressed his conviction that his word was his bond: this could go either way, but what he was talking about was that ManU had dealt with him as the representative of the boys, and would go through him in future

anyway, the boys go lyn where Mikel stands out. Then the club director, Morgan Anderson begins, apparrently, to negociate with Man U on his own, as the boys representative, and Shytetu later finds out that that he had a contract faxed over, and made Obi Mikel sign it without contacting his agent, or even his folks. So Shytetu then in Nigeria learns about Mikel signing for ManU from a friends congratulations, and goes to Norway, via London, where he has an associate. He gets there, talks with Mikel who is understandably frazzled and somewhat scared of what he has done, and Anderson gets all accomodating, saying that he will sort it all out with Shytetu

Anyway, the conclusion for those of you with low attention spans :)
Mikel, Shytetu, and some of the other boys go to see one of their own in a game, but Mikel is unwilling to go to a 4pm meeting with Anderson, at which he has been told not to bring Shytetu. Anderson calls Mikel, who wont pick up his phone. He then calls the other boys who claim not to know where he is. He talks to Shytetu who asks why he wasnt invited, and claims there will be no meeting because of Anderson's dishonesty about it. When they show up for the game, some dudes tell mikel he needs to meet with Anderson now. When they refuse, and try to watch the game, theyre (i was fuzzy on why this happened) surrounded by media, and the lad gets worried, and hides his face. He then asks to go back to London or somewhere away from Lyn's influence with Shytetu, who claims to have been good friends with all the boys, staying at their place regularly. When he gets to london, he is supposedly relaxed, but its clear from the Norwegian press that Anderson has spread the story that, given the non-returned calls, the evasiveness, and the sudden departure from london (which he incorrectly asserts was done with a fake passport) that Obi Mikel has been kidnapped by Shytetu, his own agent, who supposely represents Chelsea. There is your culprit, ladies and gents

He doesnt make the link to Chelsea clear, but it was said before that he had sent Mikel and another to Man U, and two other boys to Chelsea. When it apparrently wasnt going to work out with Man U, or something, I guess chelsea was the logical next stop

he also says that the reason the boy doesnt want to be at Man U was not because he didnt like the club at all, but because the contract he signed with them was under duress, and was done fradulently by this Anderson guy.

Hope that helped


Fan Favourite
is it the whole damn article mean Anderson (the director of sport for lyn) made him sign for us without his agent? in this case means there are nothing wrong between man utd and chelsea and the whole damn "tapping" or "kidnaping" saga was plot by his own director of sport? cheers~!! :D

TheBlueBalla said:
But alot of people on here shot their mouthes off about Chelsea taking him illegally, kidnapping, and the russian mob for christ's sake. If that was the case, I hope you can stand up like a man and admit you were wrong

i never said that :)


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ngyc said:
is it the whole damn article mean Anderson (the director of sport for lyn) made him sign for us without his agent? in this case means there are nothing wrong between man utd and chelsea and the whole damn "tapping" or "kidnaping" saga was plot by his own director of sport? cheers~!! :D

i never said that :)
No, you didnt say that stuff, as far as i could see, some went so far as to suggest brainwashing and kidknapping with all the knowledge of one article on the saga. But this is just like the Rijkaard thing: everyone called Jose a liar until it came out that he was in fact right. These accusations, of course, were much more serious, and im just glad to see the club cleared of wrongdoing.

And no, United dont look like a direct culprite, but Shytetu is saying that he had negociated with the club personally in the past, and I think hes getting at the fact that they should know he was their representation when they signed Mikel

Voltaic Borusse

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TheBlueBalla said:
No, you didnt say that stuff, as far as i could see, but people like BigP and ticcan were alleging brainwashing and kidknapping with all the knowledge of one article on the saga. But this is just like the Rijkaard thing: everyone called Jose a liar until it came out that he was in fact right. These accusations, of course, were much more serious, and im just glad to see the club cleared of wrongdoing.

And no, United dont look like a direct culprite, but Shytetu is saying that he had negociated with the club personally in the past, and I think hes getting at the fact that they should know he was their representation when they signed Mikel

You're annoying.


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come on IceBlu, edit your post, its useless sh*t, just makes the page load twice longer.
well, Man U fans should read the original post, or atleast the summary. sure its not 100% true, but if you believe all the sh*t on the other news sites, you should consider this too.


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Okay, the kidnapping thing was a bit far fetched but one question remains. To my recollection Chelsea had expressed an interest in this player before the fuss started, this was mentioned numerous times when the 'United snatch Chelsea target' stories emerged.

The player seemed perfectly happy having signed for United and made statements to that effect as I remember, until his agent reportedly became involved. Maybe the agent tried to influence him to get more money (agents have a stereotypical repuation for being greedy, rightly or wrongly), or maybe the agent had stepped in after Andersen's actions. Who knows?

The big question is this... Why go to London? If you want to escape, why not go to Madrid, Rome, Paris, etc. The press are notoriously difficult in the UK so if you want to be left alone from press speculation you tend not to go there. Also it's a story involving 2 of the biggest clubs in England (and Chelsea had been repeatedly accused of underhand activities in some of their transfer dealings), so the English press are going to have even more of an interest in that players' actions at that time, particularly if you go to London where Chelsea are based.

If it wasn't for the fact he went to London the story could be plausible. He went to London, which is where Chelsea's influence seems to have become entangled in this whole process. With Chelsea's current reputation the finger of suspicion is always going to be pointed at them, as it is with the reputation of agents.


Youth Team
Reports in Nigeria states that he will most likely play for Chelsea. Man U have realised that they where hoodwinked by the thief Morgan Andersen, and are looking to get thier money back.

I really cannot understand why Andersen imagined he will be able to reap where he did not sow. There is not way Obi will play for Man U. That deal brought back memories of slavery.


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Voltaic Borusse said:
You're annoying.
Fair enough

I know it sounds like im bitter. I removed the names from my post cause that wasnt right to call people out, but this is at least worth an 'i told you so', and i dont care much if thats an annoyance (Y)

And Nird, I provided a summary. Did anyone else actually care enough to read this?


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nird said:
would be nice with a short summary...


Did u read the thread.....or article :| TheBlueBalla took his time to make a ******* summary and you're like "short summary?" :|:|