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Jgp 15


Club Supporter
just asking is there some hint or sign if we already installed the mod perfectly ? I mean maybe changes in font or start screen or what ? Just curious because my gameplay think back to default , felt crappy , after succes copy the mod in FIFA 15 folder game run smooth and nice but after resart i think back to defaut , sorry for the stupid question


Club Supporter
is this mod compatible with pirated FIFA 15 ? and how to check our FIFA 15 game version ? Sorry for the dumb question .... don't know i feel after i restarted my laptop the mod is gone and i have to installed the mod again on a FRESSH FIFA 15 to have it on....


Fan Favourite
James CR7;3864869 said:
jeet why their is no update to fifa 15 after fifa 16 release?? Try to update the TFI GP.

i've posted some improvements in fifa 16 thread!

i think you can use the same files in fifa 15 as well.


Club Supporter
wadood;3857537 said:
hey guys, new member here. i need to ask a couple of general questions.

i'm new to this and have never messed with modding FIFA before. I of course have original FIFA 15 and 16. What I am wondering about is if this mods allow you to also play the game online normally as you do without risking any bans on your origin account or are these mods used only for offline play.

Sorry, I just need some clarification before I try some of the amazing mods I see here like this one.

Thanks again,

can someone help with my question(s) above?
I like this one :yoyo:

jeetmusic;3799512 said:
new release v .8.8

tweaked lighting and visuals