It helps to create a patch in format cmp for fifa 11 pc

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    Hello to the whole world, before that nothing I ask for pardon for my Englishman, since I do not speak it, since my language is the Spanish and use an Internet translator to write this. I would like to find someone that quierĂ¡ to help and could make myself at least the kits and minikits of 2 equipments in format cmp, for FIFA 11 PC, they are equipments practically not known for the great majority, I they sending the link where the subi and the information to do them THANK YOU IN ADVANCE IF SOMEONE CAN HELP ME.
    ENLACE: My idea would be to obtain help of someone that this ready and it was doing to myself between 60/80 equipments that I possess and one was fulfilling his kits and minikits, to do a few patches of a few new leagues, BUT THEY ARE MANY EQUIPMENTS AND DO NOT BE IF THERE WOULD HAVE ANYBODY READY TO HELPING MYSELF WITH SO MANY EQUIPMENTS, BECAUSE OF IT I WOULD CONFORM AT LEAST TO THE TWO FOR THAT I ASK AND AFTER-TASTE IN THE LINK. Thank you

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