Is there a patch or any mod to slow down the pace of the game?


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When playing the game, as u get the ball, the opposition is immediatly on u. As a pass connects u have to pass again or the comp tackles and takes it away.

I watch football ,and even in the opponents half u still have some time, even some seconds to look around , think and decide what to do, sometimes even when your near the opponents 18.

Im not saying I want the game easier, just slow the pace somewhat. I know in real life at times as u recieve the ball the opponents on u and u have to pass or move as u recieve the ball. And i know u need to read your passes before u send them. I just wanna know if theres any way in game, or some patch to slow down the pace of the game.

May I watch too much EPL. Please give your thoughts on this...Thanx in advance.


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I haven't heard of a patch that slows it down. However, I heard WE9 has slowed the pace a bit, so you may have to wait 'till then.

In PES4/WE8, you can first touch away from the defender. R1 or R2 + direction should work.


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you're welcome to try my gameplay patch's version 1 and 2, the aim was to slow the gameplay down a tad and mix up Cpu attacks and defense.