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Magnetic ink. Looks great (kindle)

I have a keyboard one got it for about $80 on sale last year


I bought C.Ronaldo
ohh finally I have finally played fm on ipad for no jailbreak thanks to k**iy*** hehe and it sucks :( but fifa 13 was fun :D while 2k13 was a complete biased game


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Fuck Iphone and Apple, putting out there updates without fucking testing them and letting us be the guinea pigs to find out the flaws and risking bricking the phone or restoring it without warning.


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I got the iPhone in January. Upgrated iOs7. I tried playing audio on my cars bluetooth, nothing. Went to my audio guy after having tested several phones including iPhones with the older iOS it was concluded the last upgrade did it. Not compatible. Switche to LG G2 lately. Never been happier. The iPhone experience for me at least has been horrendous. Never ever again. Inferior software and overrated in general.

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MaestroZidane;3584759 said:

Which one did you get, the new 5C color one, or the fancy 5S?

Neither, just the simple 5. It was on sale on black friday over here (yeah, black Friday in Romania was on the 22th), and got it at around 550 euros.

Already everyone is saying I'm a retard for not getting the S4.


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That does sound almost full price, and specially for the 5. In all honesty, you can get the 5 on ebay, here in the states for almost $500. So please tell us you're confusing it with the new one, unless an iphone really that expensive in europe?