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Now we know its a straight port again. So im shure there will be problems again for PC.
notice that WE7:I had some slowdown bugs fixed comparing to PES3 so they already know how to make it better

btw. I'm surprised they think about PES5 on PS2 still :o he said so many about hardware limitations, they already couldn't avoid slowdowns on PS2 in PES4 so how the hell they will avoid more slowdowns in PES5 on the same old PS2 ? it doesn't make a sense for me..


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Yes, but he is talking about the newest PS 2's. They can handle it, but not the older models.


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If as he says that the PS2 has just about reached its limit, then PES5 will not be that much of an improvemt on PES4(not a next big leap) improvemnt if they keep developing PES for the PS2 and just porting it to the PC and Xbox ...

Would it not be better to made the base game for PC and then port it over ( making any adjustment to run it on the PS2 and Xbox)

They say that the PS3 and Xbox2 will not hit the stores in the UK and the rest of Europe until Xmas 2006 if not 1Q 2007.

And by then you will have PES5 ( still limited to the power or lack of it on the PS2 ) and with an Oct release date as per all PES tiltes , you would have PES6 out before the next gen consoles hit the stores 2 months later Xmas 2006 or 1Q2007.

Now if as he says the PS2 has just about reached its limit with PES4 , and I think 4 has squeezed about all it can from the PS2 as "major improvements go", then if that is the case , what if any (if they still use the PS2 as the base and just port it to Xbox and PC ) real big leap improvements can be done on the PS2 with PES5 and PES6..

PES4 is not a major leap on PES3 , some improvements and as the guy says, they have loads more animation and other things they want to add but the PS2 is not powerful enough to handle them. He says that they had to leave out a lot of things from the PES4 version, well 5 and 6 will be the same, small tinkering with the game .. not the next step .. not just yet"

The games industry say that Sony's PS3 and Mircosoft's Xbox2 or what ever they end up calling them will not hit the stores until Dec 2006, that is 2 months after what would be the release date of PES6.

So the only way I see us getting "The Next Big Leap in PES Gaming" before PES7 ( Next Gen Console Game )Oct2007 is if Konami hold back from there usual Oct launch date for the year 2006 we could see the "next big leap" Xmas that year..

If not , then the next big leap for PES will be Oct 2007..

Though is it not the case that Sony and Microsoft give there upcoming console out to games companies up to a year before they launch them to the public so these companies came have games ready for the launch date , if that is the case then , as I said, if Konami could hold back the launch of PES6 by a few months and get it ready for the launch of PS3 & Xbox2 that Xmas..

The futrue is bright the futures PES ....... you can only imagine what they will be able to do with these next gen consoles..

I for one can't wait and I hope if Xmas 2006 is the launch date for Sony's and Microsofts consoles I hope PES6 will be one of the launch titles.