Index thread for the thousands of faces which will be made?


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I think there should a be a sticky index thread where each face maker has a 'reserved post slot' and they can put a link directly to faces they make so it can be easier for us to access them. Due to the sheer volume of faces made, I think it is better to do it this way than to get one guy to link up everthing and make a club by club index with the faces in This is what some other guys suggested but it wont work as well. Besides, the find (ctrl+f) function will do that for you - its just more convenient So what do you say?


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mattrans;2581242 said:
its a real pain trying to find specific even with the search button. We need a sticky broken down into leagues / teams / players. This would make finding faces much easier.

something like this:


make it and we will come.... to stick it...

also, if anyone is willing to make a sort of tutorial for starters (not newbies :p)
for those who want to make their first face, which files to extract/use, what programs do you recommend, etc