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Hi fellas (and sheilas),

EA Sports has asked me to look into improving CC. They are very serious about giving FIFA gamers a really good tool enhance your gaming experience.

But I need you to tell me what sort of things you would like me to fix or add to the current CC.

Your input here would really be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


WOW this is amazing. The legendary Chau Le working on the CC Update. Amazing.

Now to the updates:
- it doesnt have to delete the saved games

- We should be able to chose: captain, player numbers, Free Kick & penalty & corner takers.

- Position of the players in the field (as in access)

- Team bankroll

- Third Kit & Goalie Kit (away too)

- more League options with more ammounts of teams in the league.

Good Luck

I'll think of more things later :)

#1 Stunna

The Alpha Mexican
more custom stuff available, like:
facial hair

maybe an option where u can make custom faces, like in the new Smackdown game.


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Add new faces to players who doesn´t have one, numbers for players (You can choose the number of the players), choose captaincy too, i don´t know for now nothing else...


I think thats too #1 Stunna but I think players really should be able to have specific faces.

and also Goalies with short sleeves :)


Make it 24-bit compatible please if you can, cause lot of us can't use it. The not so new video cards only have 16 and 24 bit.


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I think you can rely on your own different versions of Fed to find the desired features.They were great programs.
And please try to solve this language problem.Try to make one universal version of CC,compatible in all languages.

All the best JM

Paco 4

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Well, all the data in the acces file should be editable, and please, we need to have the option for choosing team captain, not only the first one in the linkup id.

Joao Pinto

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making it 16/24bit compatible is key. I bought the game and can't play it on my computer. And my lap top doesn't show the numbers. That is all I ask.


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Great to see you back Chau...do you realise how many millions of people will breathe a sigh of relief now you're here.....:rockman: As for ideas..well as someone said to incorperate all your features in the FED utilities would just about do it....oh yeah man and make it very user friendly for all us thickies out here ...LOL
Nice to see you are back on the FIFA scene Chau.

- Please make the CC so that ANYONE can use it not just people who have 32 bit color or higher. Allot of people couldnt use it because the highest they had was 24 bit color. Its odd that the game works but a simple programm for it doesnt.

- Rosters can be combined. the rosters just add to each other not delete. Like if I had a turkish patch that copied over the german league and an Egyptian patch that covered over the Swedish league i could be able to play both. Like in past fifas.

- Player customize. Allow us to add stuff to players and GK like headbands etc etc

- Exact positions on the pitch like in FIFA99 where we could make our own formations

- Maybe somehow get names and numbers for EVERYONE.

-Easy Import. Make it so we can add everything from Chants and Logos to kits and faces almost as easy as the Raptors made by Ariel.

Thanks i know some people already said this but this is what I want.



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AWESOME NEWS CHAU!!!! It is more complicated 2 update with Access and I sorta miss the easy=ability:D Here are my fav ideas

2. Don't delete saved games and don't hurt Settings files and also Team Management files

1. No more stupid limit! I want 2 be able 2 edit more than 60 teams and 600 players! That is the biggest and most important thing that this new update needs!

3. Numbers can be changed and new formations can be created

4. An option to import and export player commentaries

5. We should be able to decide the captain, peeps who take the kicks

6. Be able to change team bankrolls

7. Be able to assign any stadium to any team

8. A new import kits like the kit Raptor right in the program so u can add new kits to new teams

9. Maybe devise an add new stadiums feature?? that would be awesome!!! These are my current ideas:D current


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*Kit Import should be done by Importing the whole Bitmap(like kit raptor) not part by part. And ability to create Generic kits and Import Specific kits and also Goalkeeper kit actiation for teams that dont have them.

*And changing player numbers is very important.

* should be able to add teams you create into new existing and new competitions.

* Face Import and and ability to asign specific faces to players who only have generic.

*Edit everything that is possible ( you know all the attributes, Nationality...etc for players ) ( formations, rivals, home stadium, crowd types..etc for teams) all these are in the dev_all_data.mdb file for CC.

and of course all the compatibilty stuff people have already mentioned


I have a feeling that the NAMES and NUMBERS have nothing to do with the cc, but it would be great if you can somehow make it so we can add the NAMES and NUMBERS in cc to the players and maybe edit them? Cause it doesn't work for lot of people including me, as said it is because of the graphic cards.


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I don't know if a new version of CC can fix this but the feature that I missed the most in FIFA2003 is the ability to choose the time of day when the games are played. I am not a big fan of day games and most of the games playes in FIFA2003 take place during the day.

Also, I am still not able to find any information about any patch that would allow me to change the time of day...

Thanks and good luck.


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1. Being able to add specific faces to every player.
2. Being able to make modifications without loosing saved games.
3. Squad Captains, player numbers, third kits, gk kits.
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