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Manchester City's four-month pursuit of Ronaldinho is in danger of being hijacked by Milan, with the Brazilian said to be "90%" certain to choose the Serie A side rather than move to the Premier League.

City will continue their attempts to lure the former world player of the year with a contract that would make him the highest-paid footballer in England but his brother and agent, Roberto de Assis, confirmed last night that Italy was the more likely destination. "It is true," he told TeleLombardia. "He is likely to go to Milan. Everything is ready for the transfer. It is 90% and we are heading in this direction."

That would be a cruel setback to City after devoting so much time and effort to convincing Ronaldinho that his presence, together with Thaksin Shinawatra's money, could help City win the league championship in the next five years.

Garry Cook, City's new executive chairman, has already agreed a provisional fee with Barcelona and although he is aware of the interest from Milan and possibly Chelsea - "I can't imagine they are sitting back watching us try to sign a great player," he acknowledged - he remains optimistic. "Barcelona have made it quite clear what the figure is and we have made it clear what we want to spend. We are ticking all the boxes and at some juncture we hope somebody is going to be able to say to us, OK, it's a goer."

Cook believes City will soon be in a position to "give the other top clubs good reason to be concerned". Ronaldinho, in turn, has led City to believe he is genuinely interested and, contrary to the popular perception of a player in decline, that he can still cut it at the highest level for at least six more years.

"He has made it very clear to us that he wants to lead out the Brazil team in the 2014 World Cup," said Cook. "He wants to play football, he would like to play in the Premier League and he wants to play for a big club. And we tick the boxes. This is a big club in a big league.

"I don't know why we have to keep defending ourselves against the question of why would he want to go to Man City? There is no hiding the fact that success for this club is imminent. It is not a case of if but a case of when. Dr Thaksin has been a major benefactor and when you have someone like that you are on a fast track."

Nonetheless Cook has set an unspecified deadline to avoid the talks dragging on until the transfer window closes at the end of August. "We're not going to sit and wait. This is too big a football club."

That last line in particular is a gem. :D


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If Trashcan Sinatra thinks that Manchester City can become one of the worlds most, dare I say, MASSIVE clubs, then he's only fooling himself.

Then again, millions of fans the world over have drank the "Citeh is a massive club" Kool-Aid over the years, and they are no closer to threateaning Tottenham or Newcastle in the Alledgedly Big Clubs that Have Promised So Much But Have Delivered So Little Sweepstake.


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Right!!! HaHAHAHAH City have a lot of work to do even to be considered as big tottenham or newcastle or even clubs like fiorentina and sevilla i do not dare to say Valencia or Roma. Why are they trying to make a picture of the club by talking about how good it is. Challenge for the top 4 spot for 4 or 5 years in a row. Win the EPL ( :D ) than try and buy Ronaldinho and say you're a big club.


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What a joke. As far as I known there's only one big club in Manchester and sure as hell ain't them.

Btw I read somewhere City's owner wasn't allowed to leave Thailand as he was being charged with some financial crimes.

Just another exemple of how football these days is being used by some (uh.. let's say many) people for money laundering.


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA big club...............................HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!........no seriously; big club?!!!!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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They should really be going after Riquelme. But I wouldn't want to see him in the Premier league his style is more suited for Seria A, Bundesliga or La Liga football.


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Tiago_10;2546629 said:
What a joke. As far as I known there's only one big club in Manchester and sure as hell ain't them.

I don't really think Bury are a big club. I mean, they have a few fans but not a lot.


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Bobby;2546881 said:
I don't really think Bury are a big club. I mean, they have a few fans but not a lot.

Ahah exactly, I was talking about Bury.

Bury to win the CL, why not? If Arsenal went to the final two seasons ago..


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There's no reason to lol at this imo. If Thaksin is half as ambitious as Abramovich then there is no reason why City can't do what Chelsea have done. And if we're talking about big clubs, City are traditionally a bigger club than Chelsea.


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Oh Thaksin is as ambitious as Abramovich, its just the available wallet size that differs. You know, think of it that way, if there was a dime golddigger, would she want to marry me or Donald Trump?


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rony31;2547372 said:
you can all kiss the fattest part of my hairy ass. CL football in 2 years.

I doubt it Rony, it will take Dinho 2 years alone to get that extra fat off :rofl:


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ooooh, the envy of the so-called BIG 4 coming out early... a club whose manager can't shut his mouth and is destabilizing players and clubs everywhere (Liverpool), another who is losing players left right and centre (Arsenal), another where everyone is still bitter after a succession of second places (Chelsea) and the best part, the last, the scum losing their best player AND their first team coach and fans who are so ****ed in the head over the fact that the player they were all willing to blow last season has created a situation where they don't know whether to spit or swallow...

Obviously not a fan or our chairman, but who here can really take the moral high ground on that one... fact remains, we have snared the best english manager in the game, have got some interesting signings going on, and we don't actually need Ronaldinho in the first place.

LOL all you like. Fact remains, we beat you twice last season and proved that whatever the best team in england might be, it is clear to see who the best team in Manchester is. Just ask Evra two seasons ago.