I *Had* To Sell A Player During A Transfer Window


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Hi all. I resurrected my old account here on SG forum, so greetings all again.

Anyway, I'm playing Career mode with PSG and I bought Bale for a pretty big amount of cash last season. During this season, I was normally playing, and transfer window occurred. About 4 days before the end of the transfer window I get a message from Bale that he wants to be sold. Since of course he is the best player in the squad, I ignored his request.

But, the next day I get a message from the Board that I *should* sell Bale since the squad morale would suffer if he stayed. I ignored them also.

The next day I get a transfer bid from Barcelona to buy Bale for 73M Euros, and I made a counteroffer for 120M Euros. Of course they declined, and I hoped that my worries about selling Bale are over.

But, the next day the Board ITSELF sells Bale for 45M Euros (?!?). I couldn't do anything!

I was incredibly pissed.

Anyway, anyone got similar experience?


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I had this problem with Hugo Lloris.I had a save file of 3 days before that thing and then kept loading and one i managed to keep him at my team