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How to update transfers on FIFA 22 Ps4 Offline


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I tried another fifa 2022 save from reddit with apollo. But this messed up completely my fifa installation. Also career mode could not be saved. I had to reinstall the game. This one works also in career mode?


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I´m using "Fifa 22 Squad Updater" script from ARANAKTU to download current squad updates.
How Do I extract DATA, INDEX and NAME for future updates?
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to extract it or encrypt it.


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Explain how to manually add transfers on FIFA 22 Ps4
Apollo Save Tool v0.8.0
squads :https://www.mediafire.com/file/92uqvi6o4ebce7q/squads+fifa22+ps4+by+ramzi.rar/file
Hi, is it possible to use PC Saves from FIFA 16 or 17 etc. on my JB Ps4 Pro? And how do you edit the particular Files? DATA, INDEX, etc. to update them for the PS4 FIFA Version. Which Tool do you recommend.

I started yesterday with Apollo ST and exported my FIFA 16 PS4 Version Squad save to USB drive. BAck on my PC I extracted a fresh Squad FIle from my FIFA 16 PC Version. I used the FIP 16 base/Vanilla FIFA 16 db and in game I save them to Squads. In my documents folder inside Documents\FIFA 16\0\FIFA16\9ad9cb1c
I found the Squad containing a DATA and a INDEX File. Both I copied over to my USB drive and replace the particular files. Back on my PS 4 I resigned the Save and import it on my HDD.
Once I launched FIFA 16 on my PS4 it shows the Squad but Squad is broken.
Is it impossible in general to do that COnsole PC convert on JB Ps4 or do I have more success by trying it via Filezilla.
I googled much about PC Ps4 save file conversion but not much to find. Modded Warfare Videos showing options via Apollo but just for PS4 to Ps4 Conversion/resigning etc.

So as I discovered your GUide here and just wanna ask because it seems like you have experience with JB Ps4. I hardly guess what I am asking is even on a JB console not possible.

But I wonder how they convert FIFA 21 Patch in FIFA 19 on a jb Ps3. Seems there must be way anyway.