How to save Dual core settings???


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I hope you guys are aware that Fifa 09 by default only uses single core and one has to go to task manager and select the second core in the affinity options under process.Now my question is how to save this step as once the game is restarted it again goes back to one core.

Thanx in advance!!!


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Thanx a lot buddy but how am i supposed to use it properly?

I opened it and added Fifa 09 in the favorites and set the affinity to 1+0 i.e both my CPU's.After doing that i closed the program and it minimized to my tool bar.I exited the program from there and started the game.Mid game i went to task manager to check the affinity and it was using just one CPU in spite of me setting both my cpu's to the game using that software.When i opened that software again it showed both cpu's set for fifa 09.

So what am i doing wrong?Why is task manager still showing only one cpu in the affinity?

Plz help..