How to install kits for PES 2008?


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Yea a tutorial would be very handy ;)

I tried to import the liverpool bin files using Game Graphic Studio and "import a file over this one...", but half the files have a reserved space smaller than required, and so wont allow the file to be overwritten without first modifying the reserved space. To modify the reserved space you have to re save the file, which takes ages, and you have to do this for every single file!!!

I only did it for the home kit (unnamed_7842.bin), but after deleting the options file it didnt make any difference, the liverpool kit was unchanged.

Great link tho, just need a bit of explanation...


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I am also new to PES (been converted over from FIFA!) and I that answered my question as well - thx. Is there a way to have 3 outfield kits rather than 2?


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cypressquick;2428230 said:
I am quite new in the PES 2008. The patching is harder than Fifa. Can someone explain to me or send me a tutorial on how to install kits for PES2008.
They have a quite of patches on this site.

thanks in advance :-paul:

iI know how you save as and then creat a Config.txt. On a easy way on that website search after Ynwa patch 1.1 and then some kit do not work
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