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How to change colours of the home/away crowds?


Youth Team
Does anybody know what are the DB parameters to be edited to change the colours of the home/away crowds? :confused:


Starting XI
hibee72;2968595 said:
Does anybody know what are the DB parameters to be edited to change the colours of the home/away crowds? :confused:

dont you think that they are perfect already? at least for me.


Youth Team
not 100% sure, but think this is correct:
teams/teamcolor1r = red / teamcolor1b = blue / teamcolor1g = green
so red 255 blue 255 green 255 = white
red 1 blue 1 green 1 = black
red 200 blue 0 green 0 = red
and so on


Youth Team
I did it, but...

I changed the values in the way you wrote, mates, but I got unexpected results.
To help me out, I used an old Paint Shop Pro palette, in order to turn the colours into a correct RGB value, but when I insert the values in the FIFA 11 table (I guess you mean the "TEAMS" table), the colour is not exactly the same I got on the PSP colour palette!
Then sometimes I change the values on the DB and save, but when I get back to the game, the colours are still the same! What such of mess is going on?? :(

The colours are most of all correct, but even though they are TEAM colours, they are not exactly the typical CROWD colours.
For example, in AC Fiorentina fans, white is reported as a second team colour, but almost nobody at the stadium would wear white instead of violet, as there's very little white on the ACF jerseys today. Then the colour EA did was pretty close to purple, instead of violet, which is the correct colour for ACF fans.


Youth Team
maybe you need to change the teamcolorprim in the teamkits table, it seems to work better in manager mode etc, but not in exibition mode, so maybe there is a table somewhere else for that.
changed all values to 2 in the teams table and teams kit table manager mode and as you can see in the ss most of the crowd are in various shades of grey