How can/should I edit an existing squads file?


Youth Team
Hello there,
I downloaded some mods from Ovidio, including a 2022 squads file. So far, everything works and I love the work he's put in.
But I found some bugs, especially with Bundesliga teams/players that I would like to fix myself.
Unfortunately, I already wasted hours into finding a way to simply edit things inside the squads file, so I failed. For the record, I'm a noob to FIFA editing.

Here's what I already tried:
- tried to load the squads into Slim's Creation Wizard, but it requires a XML file and I have not a clue, where to get it from
- exported the DBs from the career mode save and tried to load it with Slim's Creation Wizard...again, it requires some XML

What I want:
- edit player numbers
- add/remove loans and conditions
- completely change players with a false identity (players who shouldn't be in the game anymore and were mixed up with another player that has the same name)

My questions:
- How can I achive this?
- What XML is the Creation Wizard expecting (It throws an exception if choose for example the fifa_ng_db-meta.xml)
- Is there maybe a better tool for my purpose?

Thanks in advance