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Good story ShiftyPowers! Wonderful buys too, you're really good in the market... all those brazilian bargains! Romario!!! Not even I had the gut to buy him! anyways, make sure he doesn't get too many goals or he'll hit the 1000 goals in career mark, and I hate him soooo much I don't want that happening... or maybe I WANT that happening as long as it's on Second div B3......
Your whole life has been a waste up until the moment you came up with this story.

Now get started on the second div. story, Brad. :(


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Originally posted by ShiftyPowers
Gonna be a legend? :(

My 4 years at SG have been a waste :(

lmao, all those posts for nothing ;)

"Today we played Mallorca at the Bernabeu and I looked forward to exacting some revenge for the losses earlier in the year. We won 5-1 thanks to a Zidane hattrick. He's loving playing here in La Liga with actual good tactics, I bet he'll LOVE playing in the Second Division with **** tactics"

<- I loved that entire sentence, lol



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lol what a great story minreitz...i cant believe i read right through it :( i must have something better to do...


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Not to toot my own horn too much, but the first page and a half of this thread might be the greatest thing I've written in my life. But as with any story, it just started to get tedious and boring writing everything down and playing at a snail's pace as I wrote, even though the premise was fun. Sometimes I still wish I had this game installed and the save file somewhere :(


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we've all thought it before Shifty, suppose its one of those things that every CM player has to go through.