Happy Birthday ShiftyPowers


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Your posts these days have the frequency of a wolves win, but hopefully you see this one...

Big 2-oh and all that. And go the sociologists. (H)


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Originally posted by MastaLFC
Get wasted! :lui: :rockman:

Will do.

Thanks to all the insincere, generic, "happy birthday" posts, and a very special thanks to the people who said something more. Posting's a little tough lately, but I check in now and then. I love this place, been here for almost 4 years now. Damn.


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And Wisconsin beat the Buckeyes as well - fate.

Happy Birthday dude - only a year till you can drink legally! (H)


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Yeah, what a joke of a law.

Speaking of which, I need some suggestions for tonight. Anyone know of a really fine (not too expensive) vodka that would be available here?

Also 20 feels kind of old, like a few years ago I would have thought this is old.


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Smirnoff orange twist is my preferred choice , but you've probably had enough of that im guessing. Usually like a Ukrainian or Russian vodka is high proof yet smooth.


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I actually prefer the straight stuff, no twist or anything. I'll probably just settle on a Skyy or Absolut.

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Happy Birthday ShiftyPowers! (H)

Btw, what ever happened to that forum, where the only members were basically you, Simon, CSTR and me? :D :crazyboy: :mrpimp: :hump: